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Automatic bot detection in Dark Orbit (3)

01.03.2011 21:33


Guys at BigPoint just upped the ante for all bot users and introduced a permanent bot detection algorithm (22 February 2011):

If you get caught the first time: You will have to enter CAPTCHA to use the account. I suppose only once, not every time you log in.

If within 7 days you get caught the second time: You will get CAPTCHA and will get 1 day in the big house (suspension for a day) and have 40% of experience points (EP) and Honor points removed. Ouch.

If within the next 7 days you get caught the third time: You get the same ‘benefits’ as 2nd time, but instead of 1 day suspension you’ll get 7 (they love that number I guess).

If within the next 14 days you get caught the fourth time: Your account goes bye-bye forever. They put an emphasis on – no exceptions, ever! Even if you’re a premium user or have bought Uridium for a million USD.

This new automatic system will only kick in if your account is more than 4 weeks old. Newer accounts will get deleted immediately.

Taking into account the past experience with bigpoint (they deactivated and then re-activated a bunch of accounts on a wrong criteria accusing them of bot usage) I wonder if the system won’t catch just someone who is flying around cloaked for half an hour or an hour on the some safe home map and just collects bonus boxes. We shall see.

If you get a screenshot of these new measures in action please upload an image and post a link.

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  1. ???, 08.03.2011 @ 20:14

    how do you get a screenshot

  2. someone, 09.03.2011 @ 19:36

    Start-All Programs-Accessories-Paint


  3. -ONE- (ldr), 13.04.2011 @ 17:46

    srsly i want to know that too,cloaking for collection is strategic not cheating, i wanted to get all of [ONE] to join me :( i dont want to get banned in my 48hour-or untill passout time!

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