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Capture the Beacon (13)

22.01.2010 18:48

Capture the Beacon (CTB) is a game in the game, it is similar to the popular classic Capture the Flag.

Rules are as follows:

  • Each company has an X-2 map with a special zone. In this zone, there are two beacons, each belonging to one enemy company, which you need to protect.

  • At the same time you must try to retrieve your own beacons from the enemy X-2 maps.
    You’ll receive one point as soon as your company brings its own beacon into its own zone and you prevent the enemy teams from capturing their beacons.

  • The player who has captured a beacon will show up on the mini map and won’t have any attack protection during this time. If this player is cloaked, it will be deactivated. The current score of a match and the position of the beacons can be seen on the star chart.

Multiple CTB matches are played throughout the day. The company (MMO, EIC or VRU) who wins a CTB match will benefit from a reward during the next hour. A reward will also be presented at the end of the day to the company who wins the most matches.

Current rewards are as follows:
- X% more in bonus boxes
- X% more when selling ore
- X% more EP

Capture the Beacon games are announced as special events on DarkOrbit.

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  1. Coldheart, 27.07.2010 @ 22:16

    Okay… just what is/are the X-’#’ maps?

  2. jw61595, 29.07.2010 @ 20:46

    you company # 1,2,3 and map # 1,2,3,4 if you are VRU would be 3-#

  3. kenku, 15.09.2010 @ 14:56

    If you are killed do you get a free repair cuz its a game?

  4. DO BIBLE, 16.09.2010 @ 22:41

    kenku: Yes, you do.

  5. [IFC]-enestos-, 25.09.2010 @ 09:45

    good tips

  6. ...adversary..., 03.10.2010 @ 01:44

    how do you actually capture the beacon? do you just go up to it?

  7. TEEHEE, 31.12.2010 @ 02:15

    believe me it is not as easy as it sounds
    im in mmo and we had CTB once
    we’re the worst company and nobody even made it to the next jump gate
    there were about 10 MMO FEs chasing each person

  8. DARK_CRUESADER, 17.01.2011 @ 19:16

    its so great… i go to the flags and then there are like 500 shared boosters from FE’s!!!!!!!!

  9. alej, 22.02.2011 @ 02:27

    la repa es gratis en todos los mapas o solo en los x2 que es donde es la capture the beacon

  10. morbitron, 14.04.2011 @ 08:42

    impossible to get away with the beacon unless your in a huge war party the other companys have protection all over thier beacon map i tryes and failes tim and time again it is really a game for fe players

  11. Darren, 20.07.2011 @ 17:37

    Heh heh I agree with DARK_CRUESADER. I have 5x my hp because of the boosters.

  12. JeragonPrime, 06.10.2011 @ 11:52

    I think CTB is boring.
    I always wait on enemys, but they are shot down before they reach the first gate.

  13. Death, 29.10.2013 @ 04:47

    JeragonPrime: LOL

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