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Circling – the most important skill (48)

16.11.2009 14:19

Circling means going around your enemy (mostly aliens (NPCs)) in circles.

It is one of the most import skills and it is the only way to kill stronger aliens by yourself.

In the home map (X-1) you don’t really need circling, since Streuners are weak and they can’t do much damage before they are dead and they attack your ship only when you attack them.

To successfully circle an alien you need to be a little bit faster than it is. Easiest kills are slow aliens like Mordon, Devolarium, Sibelon, Kristallon.

The idea of circling is as simple as it sounds, but the devil is in the details.

1. Select an alien;
2. Move away from it in any direction until you don’t see him on the screen.
3. Start shooting. If the alien shoots at you before you selected him then you can start shooting after Step 1.
4. Fly around your alien in circles while shooting it and launching rockets. You can look at the mini map to see where he is, but once you get a hang of it you will not need it. Nose of your ship will always point in the direction of the enemy you’re currently attacking.

With very strong aliens (compared to your ship) it is important to select them quickly and fly away.

With aliens that are not shooting first, like Streuner, Lordakium and Kristallons its much easier to select them and start to shoot them from a safe distance.

What damage is normal when circling?

Aliens that start to shoot you only when you attack them must not cause any damage to your ship in steps 1-3, because you start to shoot them only from a safe distance.

During circling the alien that you are killing should not cause you any damage – that’s the #1 rule of circling and that’s why it is so very important. No damage while circling from the alien that you’re killing.

At the end, when the alien is going to die it starts to run away, all of them do. Before they start to run you will get one shot from them and the screen will show you – You escaped an attack. Now it’s the part where you will have to sustain all the damage. If you have X3 lasers and stronger rockets then this is the time to use them to kill the alien faster and to minimize damage to your ship.

If the alien is very strong compared to your ship then this is the moment when he can kill you. If that happens and you had a full-health and didn’t sustain any damage while circling then your ship is too weak for this type of alien. You need to buy more/stronger shields, etc. before starting again.

When alien runs away other players may start shooting at it. Your lock on the alien in this case is only for some 5 seconds, which means that if you don’t hit him with a laser or a rocket every 5 seconds the other player will take it over, will get a lock on it, and will get all the credit for killing him. So you need to be killing the alien when it runs away.

If you get the alien in the corner his shields will regenerate, but it will not repair itself (except for Protegit).
In the corner there is a very tight safe distance where the alien can not attack you, but you can attack it with lasers or rockets. So when you find that the alien is not shooting you, but your laser ammunition is decreasing then you know that you are causing damage and sooner or later you will have a kill.

One last important thing regarding circling is that near jump portals aliens have a bigger range – it will be able to shoot you from further away. Solution here is to slowly drag your alien away from the jump portal and it will calm down and you will be able to circle without damage.

Sometimes you may encounter that an alien seems to have a bigger shooting range even in the middle of the map, in that case just drag him around a bit and don’t fly as close to it as you normally would and it will eventually calm down, it always does, and then you can kill him as was described here.

Good hunting!

On Monday 14th February 2011 BigPoint replaced AI (Artificial intelligence) for all NPCs. This was done, so that BigPoint could add new behavior to existing and/or new aliens later on. Good news is that behavior of existing aliens did not change, so circling is still the most important skill. At the moment the only exception is Kristallon which now behaves differently.

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  1. Eddie, 09.01.2010 @ 22:59

    that is a good way but i have a better way of killing aliens. Get a Full Elite Goli(FEG) and you won’t have to be scared of anything.If you have that, you can easly go up to an alien without circling them and then you can shoot them down easly. but you will recieve some damages but not that much to kill your ship. notice, your FEG doesn’t really need speeds or elite engines because Golis are meant to be strong and not run away but put some to you FEG incase.

  2. DO BIBLE, 10.01.2010 @ 07:33

    Eddie: It’s great to have a Goliath (or as you call it – FEG), but what you’re saying is not entirely correct. With a decently equipped Goliath you can shoot down weaker aliens very easily, e,g. Lordakia, Saimon, Mordon. If you look at the stronger aliens, like Sibelon – it has 200,000 hit points and 200,000 shield and causing average damage of 2,900 points, so your Goliath has 256,000 hit points and some shield, if you will not avoid the alien either by circling or dragging (Sibelon is slow) then it will destroy your Goliath ship. Other option is to use X2 and X3 lasers, but that is a waste of ammo on this alien, if you know how to circle.

  3. mr me, 14.03.2010 @ 02:23

    you don’t have to take any damage when the aliens run, as long as you can maintain the same distance you had while circling, it’s possible to do every alien in the game without sustaining any damage …

  4. DO BIBLE, 14.03.2010 @ 02:44

    mr me: It seems pretty hard. I haven’t managed to learn that yet. Have yet to kill my first Boss Kristallon in solo :)

  5. mazmett, 04.04.2010 @ 16:40

    my vengene has soloed a boss kristallon [bbk] and i aint full elite [fe]

  6. mazmett, 11.04.2010 @ 12:38

    mr me try soloing a uber kristallon u cant circle them so u cant do every alien in the game
    dont kno y u cant circle em u just cant

  7. Red-Rocket, 25.04.2010 @ 13:06

    You can kill a Uber BK by circling I have done this on my own twice not easy best tip is to take off auto rockets to increase your range and use whites otherise it will take all day.

  8. Joe, 29.04.2010 @ 03:53

    Please realize that not all people have a FE Goliath on hand all the time.

  9. PITBULLY, 16.05.2010 @ 04:03

    i helped a guy kill uber kriss today, iwasnt much help,he basically killed it himself,by circling,he took no damage while circling

  10. Anonymous, 29.05.2010 @ 12:17

    there is anothe trick to kill aliens without using circling
    the option is to make them follow you all the way to the portal
    when they arrive near the portal you must pass through the portal and retun back fast
    youll notice that the alien runs away and if you fire at… it will not attack you
    if it starts to attack you must repeat the move again or start using the circling method

  11. DannyBoy, 21.06.2010 @ 14:15

    that trick doesn’t wrok i tried it and the alien kept on shootin me and it was a taken

  12. Cesar, 28.09.2010 @ 15:18

    I kill a lordarkium solo but the clon give me problem im a goli 25 lf3 and 15 shield of 2500 uri in the old server it was 5000 whatever the only way i can beat the clon is by jump in the portal without ppl around there then i jump again shot to my clon and he run away

    it works but if ppl are there they will steal ur clon

  13. KFAJ, 03.10.2010 @ 19:33

    Actually, an FE Goli can dispatch a Sib while sitting still. An FE Veng might also be able to do it. If you do the math, I think an FE Goli can even take down a Lordakium while sitting still, due to it’s higher damage.

  14. T*E*R*M*I*N*A*L, 19.10.2010 @ 19:25

    Eddie, While true that a FE Goliath does not have to circle to kill an NPC, I can’t count how many times I have been near the end of a kill and have had an enemy ship show up. Circling allows you to minimize damage to your ship and be ready for any unexpected guests.

  15. pissed of white guy, 08.11.2010 @ 20:16

    the guy tht posted that crap about not circling with f.e goli, firstly get a f.e goli and then see for ureself so shut up. u cant sit a kristallon with f,e goli that easily u will at least have like 50k hp at the end or less, so f.e goli needs to circle alot! i know this because im f.e i got fats,bubble shield and 900k uri so please, get a f.e goli n then talk about not having to circle

  16. HeroHorse, 16.11.2010 @ 19:04

    Your right u dont have to circle if your a full bio fe goliath u just have to sit there and let it shoot you because you will own it sometime!

    HeroHorse from Darkorbit.

  17. 9klas3, 25.11.2010 @ 23:43

    I got my first kristallon without circling and with an nostromo that took around 600 damage with lasers, rockets and hellstorm. All alone, no help from any others. But its a nice methood! ive killed alot of other NPC’s with this strategy, Thanks.

  18. triforce108, 05.12.2010 @ 01:24

    I have cicled around an around a devolarium and I still took the same amount of damage that I would if i was sitting still.

  19. DO BIBLE, 05.12.2010 @ 10:47

    triforce108: What can I tell you. Since it works for me and others, you’re obviously doing it wrong.

  20. bomberman99, 21.12.2010 @ 01:19

    in anneversary gate 4 the unidentified aliens(there wer like 50 of them no joke) i survived because of circling thank u very much!!(and merry christmas) they did like 17000 hp every laser!!!!!!!!?!?!?!!?!?!?!

  21. epicnoob785, 27.12.2010 @ 21:44

    i can now take a devo no circling
    do u have a solution to the fact that when i attack a devo like 15 saimons and 5 mordon appear before i could finish killing it and i have to retreat because i have low hp
    u know the job where u have to travel 800000 distance in 4-4?
    i took me like 15 mins but i didn’t encounter any FE enemies so i got the million EP

  22. -CrisisCore-, 28.12.2010 @ 20:33

    The idea here is to effectively damage your target, while you taking very little or no damage at all. That way, with laser damage maxing out to 2800+ on just X1 ammo, not to count my Mid range missile and 5 rocket barrage, its sempron enriched already, on a vengeance ship with revenge skin, I was able to blow up a Kristallon all by myself, with little to no damage. Circling works.

    And im not sure if everybody knows this, and this may not be the right forum for this, but just my 2 cents, I somehow found a way to speed up reload time of your 5-barrel hellstorm launcher. Once you have loaded up 5 rockets, ( I just use ECO-10, but it also works on other rockets ) I have hotkey 1 to release the the rocket barrage, then continue pressing it for like 3 times, while it cools down it begins to load up rockets again, (cooldown is 5 seconds for the 5 barrel hellstorm launcher) once cooldown is done, you have 3 rockets ready to go, you just need to wait for 2 more to be loaded up and off the rockets go again. That cuts reload time to half. Give it a shot.

  23. Dylan, 29.12.2010 @ 21:07

    circling does work, although i am not an FE GOLIATH i can still effectively take down most aliens on my own. With the exeption of cubikon and protogite. However, i would like to point out that circling is not limited to aliens, it is possible to circle enemy players. So long as you have all your FE engines. you click on an enemy (hoping they have not locked onto you already) and move away from he edge of the screen. you can then proceed to shoot the enemy ship whilst you are out of reach for them to lock onto. When they start runnign for the nearest port. Drop back and slow down, you will still have the neccesary range to fire helistorm rockets and long range rockets. I would reccomend the PLT. As long as your have your configs set up well, and you have decent CPU to reload and fire for you. You should have no problem with the technique. Either that or you just suck. – []DYLAN~D3STR0Y3R[] L3v3l 13 goliath. 25,890,600 eps. 98000 honor. EIC

  24. johnno67, 08.01.2011 @ 06:01

    devos suck cuz they have such low range

  25. someone, 12.01.2011 @ 20:51

    circling creates a lot of network communication so it’s more prone to lag than slow “clicking away” which is also secure in case of most NPCs except you run into another trouble. And that way you also split up larger masses of different NPC’s as they have different movement speed.

  26. morbitron, 14.01.2011 @ 17:04

    its not the npcs that are the problem the circling does work and i have killed almost every kind of npc the kristolonians are the hardest i think they gang up on you and shoot at the same timebut the real problem comes from the other player who wait till your low on hp and then come and shoot you down or steal theboxes from you (i hate that) i suggest circling not only does it confusr the cpus it makes the other players really have to try to get a good lock on you if they cannot click on you they cannot get a good lock so it is an advantage to aleays be moving

  27. morbitron, 14.01.2011 @ 17:06

    its not the npcs that are the problem the circling does work and i have killed almost every kind of npc the kristolonians are the hardest i think they gang up on you and shoot at the same timebut the real problem comes from the other player who wait till your low on hp and then come and shoot you down or steal theboxes from you (i hate that) i suggest circling not only does it confuse the cpu it makes the other players really have to try to get a good lock on you if they cannot click on you they cannot get a good lock so it is an advantage to always be moving

  28. death2u, 17.01.2011 @ 19:21

    oh yeah… i just took down m first .::(Boss Devolarium)::. solo!!!
    with a leo!!! just using x1 ammo!!!(used a little x3 later on) got a hp booster!!! i didn’t even have any lf3s!!! in fact, just lf2s and mp1s!!!! also i only had four drones!!!

  29. someone, 18.01.2011 @ 21:00

    on map X-3, where Devolariums can be found, Leo has 20% more damage(6 lasers with 200% damage), than a Vengi (10 lasers with 100%) :) And a Devolarium is realy slow and stupid NPC.
    Actually the regeneration speed of Devo would be a much bigger problem than a proper circling in your case- too much ammo wasted in your case.

  30. death2u, 20.01.2011 @ 06:23

    ur wrong i did around 1400 with special bonus
    my not even FE vengi friend does 2200, and he only has 2 iris
    400000 HP
    DMG: around 4000
    Shield: 400000
    Me: HP 170000
    Shield: 30 k

  31. Dylan, 23.01.2011 @ 05:07

    Ok, is there any way to close this thread or server? seeing as everything that would be needed to know has already been posted muliple times.
    Level 14 goliath
    47,053,916 EP
    152,855 HONOR
    4000th in ranking

  32. Dylan, 01.03.2011 @ 00:38

    haha, just felt the need to update my above stats :)
    Level 16 Goliath
    159,814,457 EP
    1,689,447 HONOR
    2,740 RANKING
    1400 Spaceships and 11,276 Aliens
    59,000 RANK POINTS
    UK SERVER :)

  33. Dylan, 01.03.2011 @ 00:41

    Oh also i felt the need to add some IMPORTANT INFORMATION the KRISTALLON’S AI ( artificial intelligence) has bee upgraded meaning it is now IMPOSSIBLE to circle the much loved alien, but i have found a way for you longing noobs. Drag them across the map and you will have ne of the circing difficulties. As the kristallons range has been DRAMATICALLY increased. regards,

  34. DannyBoy, 02.03.2011 @ 13:09

    circlin aliens save you a extra config incase a enemy cums up on your..
    even if u gt fats u still have to circle alies

  35. DannyBoy, 02.03.2011 @ 13:17

    i do it all the time..
    i am not even F.E i have leonov and free drones.
    i kill aliens like bks, lks and stuff on my own.

  36. dylan, 09.03.2011 @ 23:00

    FATS do not do anything atall to aliens. only gives a 12% damage increase to ENEMY players. The only way to do mroe damage to aliens is to upgrade alien hunter in the pilot bio. ( costing you a further 5pp )

  37. ARK-ANGEL, 30.03.2011 @ 11:18

    lol i solo bbks in my fe goli using this im in marm clan gb1 server vru

  38. dylan, 05.04.2011 @ 17:42

    your in marm? nice one m8 im in isR soon moving to MotU

  39. -ONE- (ldr), 13.04.2011 @ 18:36

    i go for mordons and win (even when reduced 2 a phoenix) this is not new info but thx it is effective with dev-sibs just dont attack the boss’s like this :( they hit around 10-20,000

  40. dylan, 14.04.2011 @ 00:32

    mordons? theyre easy. come to the GB1 server, vru and i can help you get to FE easily.

  41. Rebel_hunter, 29.04.2011 @ 06:34

    whats a good stratigy against other players?

  42. FoChessyShezzy, 05.06.2011 @ 01:14

    if your in a leo how do use the rocket lauchers bc i have no idea how to

    please help

  43. DO BIBLE, 05.06.2011 @ 01:34

    FoChessyShezzy: This is for any ship: Just select your opponent and press space-bar on kwd.
    See more on this in here .

    Rockects can also be fired automatically when you start your attach. For that you need Auto Rocket CPU (AROL-X). You can buy it in Trade or for Uridium under Hangar->Extras.

    Rebel_hunter: It all depends on how much money you wanna spend or how much Uridium you can get by running bots (and not getting caught). The real battles with enemies are always top of the range game tech being used. Without that you can attack only weaker ship models…

  44. Darren, 02.08.2011 @ 03:58

    Hey DO BIBLE, is circling kinda useless on a cubikon?

  45. Rebel_hunter, 03.09.2011 @ 07:41

    yes, it doesnt atack u itself

  46. Anonymous, 29.10.2011 @ 14:06

    just get thee new goli with shield leech drops the bks shield likee nothing nd make out ur shield upgrades thru bio u can easily get from 80k shields on speed config to 120k shields with lvl1 drones iris

  47. ~ForsakenAngel~, 29.10.2011 @ 14:12

    ep159mill LVL15
    honor 406k i switched cmpanys
    clan rank 15(IA)
    iris count 4 regular drone 4 apis drone 1
    active gates 5
    bio points 20
    pet lvl 1

  48. Death, 26.10.2013 @ 06:04


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