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Cloaking CPU (CLO4K)

18.03.2011 14:09

Cloaking CPU (CLO4K)
aka CLO4K, CL04K, Advanced Cloaking Device

In DarkOrbit Cloaking CPU just like Cloaking Device Type A and Cloaking CPU XL allows you to cloak your ship.

Cloaking CPU costs 10,000 Uridium and allows you to cloak your ship 10 times, which comes to 1,000 Uridium for single use. It’s cheaper to buy this CPU for credits in Trade.
Cloaking CPU XL costs 450 Uridium per single use.

To purchase this CPU you should go to Hangar -> Extras.
To equip you ship with it you should go Hangar ->Equipment.

Only one of these CPUs is allowed per configuration.

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The following image shows that I have 8 uses remaining:
Cloaking CPU in game menu

To use the CPU you just need to click on it once in the game menu.

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