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DarkOrbit licensed to multiple companies (1)

22.01.2010 19:10

Now there are two different companies that provide access to DarkOrbit servers. At first I thought it was just another scam, but then I read that in the middle of December 2009 BigPoint (owner of DarkOrbit) had licensed the game to run on Garena servers.

So, the official game is still on www.darkorbit.com and Garena runs it on darkorbit.garena.com, which is also legit.

The new game client (better graphics, etc.) is expected to be released January and will also be available on Garena servers.

This licensing deal is puzzling, but obviously BigPoint saw some benefit in doing so.

Even more puzzling is that at this point employees from Garena is coming to darkorbit.com and spamming in in-game chat to persuade people to come and play the game on Garena servers.

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  1. Anonymous, 30.08.2011 @ 13:13

    dark orbit garena doesn’t exist anymore….

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