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EMP mine (EMP-M01) (1)

18.03.2011 16:09

EMP mine (EMP-M01)
aka Anti-cloaking mine

Anti-cloaking mine or EMP mine (EMP-M01) is a type of mine that when detonated will uncloak any ship in the blast radius (100% guarantee).

1 EMP mine costs 250 Uridium.

This mine was released on 18-Mar-2011 (one of 3 new mines released on this day).

This item can be purchased only during special events. When you see the following symbol in the Hangar menu and by the Ammo menu (under Hangar) then you might be able to purchase this mine.
Hangar - Limit time offer

To purchase this mine you should go to Hangar -> Ammo.

The following image shows these in the game menu:
EMP mine in game menu

To lay a mine you need to click on it in the game menu. Mine will detonate after a while and can easily damage your own ship if you trigger its detonation.

To decrease cool down time between laying mines you need to have Turbo Mine CPU 2.

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  1. St3AltH, 26.08.2011 @ 21:04

    these are annoying when they know your coming, also the event emp’s that apear during times like “spaceball” act the same way.

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