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Drone prices (Flax and Iris) (19)

18.01.2010 19:33

In Dark Orbit there are 2 types of drones. Only difference between them is how many slots are available on each drone.
1) Flax has one slot and is sold for credits
2) Iris has two slots and is sold for Uridium. It’s an Elite accessory for your ship.

Any ship can have up to 8 drones, types of drones can be mixed.

Drones are needed to stand up to stronger NCPs and to other players. Drones can hold Shields, Lasers, Extras, but not Engines.

Cost of drones rises every time you by one. Prices are as follows:

Flax drones cost:
1st Drone 100.000 Credits
2nd Drone 200.000 Credits
3rd Drone 400.000 Credits
4th Drone 800.000 Credits
5th Drone 1.600.000 Credits
6th Drone 3.200.000 Credits
7th Drone 6.400.000 Credits
8th Drone 12.800.000 Credits

Iris drones cost:
1st Drone 15.000 Uridium
2nd Drone 24.000 Uridium
3rd Drone 42.000 Uridium
4th Drone 60.000 Uridium
5th Drone 84.000 Uridium
6th Drone 96.000 Uridium
7th Drone 126.000 Uridium
8th Drone 200.000 Uridium

If you have all 8 drones and you want to change one from 1slot drone to 2 slot drone then you have to sell the one you don’t need and buy the one you want. There is no upgrade.

At the end of the day you want to have all Iris drones, because only they will provide you with all the firing power and shields to successfully fight the most powerful enemy ships in the game.

It’s not uncommon to buy the last Iris drone for credits in the Trade section. Drones are one of the most sought after items, so they never will be cheap on major servers (Global America, Global Europe). To get one you should bid between 60 and 120 million credits. I bought mine for 96million (for the previous seven I spent real money to buy Uridium)

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  1. T*E*R*M*I*N*A*L, 19.10.2010 @ 19:43

    What is the cost of a replacemnt drone. Say you have purchased 8 iris drones, the 8th being $200,000 Uridium. During gameplay you inadvertantly have a drone destroyed, what is the subsequent costs for all future drones? Thank you.

  2. DO BIBLE, 19.10.2010 @ 22:36

    There are not discounts, if you lose a drone you pay full price for a new one, or buy one in Trade section for credits.

  3. bluetak, 29.10.2010 @ 14:56

    i havent bought a single iris on my life }:

  4. PSYCHO{EIC}, 04.11.2010 @ 20:33

    this sucks why they raise the prise why the drone all cost the same prise they shut have that in mind

  5. avery, 06.12.2010 @ 09:42

    fuck. i lost 5 of my iris drones, even after earning them over the past 2 years. fuck…. but i have gotten an iris drone for 1 credit before
    bid at like 3 in the morning and be the first bidder, so outbid 0ooZaZoo0 for 1 credit, and nobody will outbid u sometimes

  6. melih, 19.12.2010 @ 23:30

    i think that every thing shuld cost cred like how first flax costs 100 000 creds the first iris shuld cost 800 000 creds

  7. TEEHEE, 31.12.2010 @ 02:22

    i agree
    i have about 3 million credits but 5400 uri :(

  8. knyffen2, 03.01.2011 @ 22:08

    lol i dont play the real game just get the bonus and more but i get 731,000 credits in 2,5 hours (i got an bigboy with duple cargo and fill it with prometerium)and 200 u pr day :P

  9. knyffen2, 03.01.2011 @ 22:18

    i forgot melih if an iris cost 800,000 is it 1000000000000000000 times better to buy the first iris instead of the 7th or 8th flac if you look at the price is an iris 2 times better than a flac but still cheper… if iris drones should cost credits should they continue on the flags list like 1. 25600000 2. 512000000 maby with smaller spaces in price. ^^

  10. orbit crusader*, 03.01.2011 @ 23:25

    hello, whats the difference between a level 1 drone, and a level 3 drones? do I really need to level up my drones? or I just repair them when they have some damage?

  11. triforce108, 04.01.2011 @ 20:41

    do ppl bidding on the last drone bid the same “slot” as u when u r bidding 4 ur first drone?
    what should i bid for my first drone?

  12. DO BIBLE, 05.01.2011 @ 05:31

    triforce108: There is only one auction in Trade and no ’slot’ concept. So, some ppl might be buying their first Iris and some ppl their 8th one.

    I would not recommend buying your first Iris in auction, at least not by bidding millions and millions of credits (which is the price of an Iris most of the time on big servers). I personally bought my last Iris for credits before SkyLab and the associated credit inflation took place. See Trade and Trade prices.

  13. DO BIBLE, 05.01.2011 @ 05:40

    orbit crusader*: With each drone level your ship becomes a bit stronger.

    Drone Level bonuses – laser and shield increases:
    Level 1 – 0% / 0%
    Level 2 – 2% / 4%
    Level 3 – 4% / 8%
    Level 4 – 6% / 12%
    Level 5 – 8% / 16%
    Level 6 – 10% / 20%

    Here is a complex chart, at the end you see how the bonuses are calculated:

  14. Rebel_hunter, 01.05.2011 @ 23:24

    why do iris drones cost more than a golith?

  15. Player, 02.06.2011 @ 13:31

    Hey DO BIBLE , … how much credits do have to bid for a goli and 8 iris ? …
    im a leonov … 2 flax lvl 8… global america 3…

    User id : -[V!say4n-4ko]-

  16. trackie, 06.07.2011 @ 15:40

    for goli and 8 iris probably on gb1 is rount 850million

  17. DO unofficial BIBLE, 23.08.2011 @ 06:53

    lol really leo
    nice me im a peanut with fats and full elite stuffs

  18. isaiahhunterbey97, 03.05.2012 @ 21:02

    hmm im a venge on usa3 east coast server and i have a lvl 7 pet with 225,000 uri along with 2 irises and 16 lf3s and 4 lf2s and 6 flaxes each lvl 6

  19. isaiahhunterbey97, 03.05.2012 @ 21:03

    and im lvl 15

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