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Hellstorm launcher 2 (HST-2) (2)

06.03.2011 23:09

BigPoint has never strived to avoid confusion (like from all possible imaginary names choosing Prometid and Promerium for their minerals), so is the case with rockets. You have your regular rockets and then you have your Hellstorm rockets and Hellstorm rocket launcher.

At the moment ships have only one Hellstorm rocket launcher slot. After purchase you have to equip each of your configurations under Hangar -> Equipment (as usual).

With Hellstorm launcher 2 you can load and fire 5 Hellstorm rockets (there are credit and Uridium rockets available). It costs 15,000 Uridium.

Hellstorm launcher 1 can load and fire 3 Hellstorm rockets and costs 500,000 credits.

You have to press rocket launcher button once to load the rockets and then again to fire them. You can add rocket launcher to your hotkeys.

Before rockets are loaded you can click and choose what type of Hellstorm rockets you want to load. Launcher will remember your last choice. It seems that rockets are loaded one per second, so you need 5 seconds to load all 5.

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  1. .Obi_Wan,, 19.11.2011 @ 21:56

    Hey i bought the HST-1 rocket launcher and i placed it in my ship from the Hangar but i dont see it under the rockets bar in the game. I heard i need some special rockets for it but i dont find them in the shop neither the Trade section. Anyone can help the rookie ?

  2. darkshadowreaper, 18.06.2014 @ 17:14

    well goto shop go down the ammo tab u wil find a blue and red rocket it costs 1500 credits per piece hope this helped

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