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Hotkeys in Dark Orbit

16.01.2010 12:44

These are hotkeys for Dark Orbit old client (2009). Check out hotkeys for the new client (v2 or 2010)

Keyboard hotkeys in Dark Orbit:

H to hide/show control panel
CTRL to start/stop firing lasers
SPACE BAR to fire a [currently selected type of] rocket
M to launch a mine
J to Jump portal (when you’re escaping an enemy you can fly to the portal and hold down J to jump as soon as possible)
C to change configuration (switching configs works with a 5 second delay)

Change laser ammunition type: 1 (X1), 2 (X2), 3 (X3), 4 (X4), 5 (ABS)

Change rocket type: E, R, T

F hides resources, bonus boxes, cargo boxes or mines

Q or + : Toggle flash player quality setting: high, medium, low.
/ shows [meaningless] fps count

There is no hotkey for starting a repair at this moment.

Read about hotkeys in the new DarkOrbit client.

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