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How to get orange Goliath ship? (3)

11.01.2010 06:47

Orange Goliath was first introduced in 07.11.2008. It works on all DarkOrbit servers.
Technically it is identical to other Goliaths expect it has one exclusive addon, something called “satellite drone”. It allows you to sell ore from any map in the galaxy, so no more back and forth trips to unload the cargo bay. Additional cool thing is that this special drone does not take up Extras slot on your ship, it’s basically a feature that is activated on the server when you activate your orange Goliath.

How to get it?

There are two ways to get it and both require you to open up your wallet.

Option One: Log into your game account, go to Credits, click on Banking area, click Savings Pack, click Next, and choose Add-on.

You will get:

Goliath K2 Battle Cruiser in an exclusive [orange] design!
- A satellite drone which automatically sells ore [this could be the most valuable item!]
- 5 MP1 laser cannons
- 3 LF2 Laser cannons
- 5,000 rounds of MCB-50 elite ammunition
- One month of Premium membership

On European servers it costs 30.00 € and on American servers – 39.00 USD.

Option Two:
You can buy the add-on CD from Amazon in Germany. It costs 20.00 EUR. Some players have tested it and they ship it to Canada and USA.

More on sattelite drone:

When the orange Goli first appeared the satellite drone had a limit of 100 uses, after that it would disappear. Nowadays it has unlimited uses.


  1. hayden, 31.03.2010 @ 18:51

    get on when they are testing new beta softwear the game will change your ship for 60 seconds

  2. TheOriginalJayMan, 07.07.2010 @ 05:45

    AH HA HAAA! I absolutely love my satellite drone, well worth being dressed in orange for it.

  3. -ONE-(ldr), 14.04.2011 @ 16:34

    the gren/red bigboys are an awesome shoice that comes with 1 of those disks 2, satelite expires when? 100 uses? or when prem runs out? anyway nice…i think the dmg goli skin looks betr still tho -_- and the really defensive new one 2

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