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How to use repair credits (6)

13.01.2010 16:02

Image above shows how you can find out if you have any repair credits left. To get there go to Hangar -> Overview.

Repair credits can be used to repair your ship after it has been shot down and repair drones, if you have any. One repair credit is good for one repair. Repair credits are worth 500 Uridium and you can get them using galaxy gate generator (they are generated from time to time) or signing up for Premium account (it costs real money).

If you need to repair your ship you just click on repair (it will still show that it costs 500 Uridium to repair your ship), but if you have repair credits then system will use repair credit instead of Uridium.

The same goes for repairing drones. Go to Hangar->Equipment->Drones and click on a drone and then choose repair. Remember that drones will lose one level with each repair. Drones will gain levels (0 to 6) when you kill enough aliens and/or enemy players. In Hangar->Overview it shows how many points you need for the drone to gain next level.

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  1. Person, 29.09.2010 @ 23:02


  2. caveman, 05.10.2010 @ 05:07

    how do I use galaxy gate generator?

  3. caveman, 10.10.2010 @ 20:34

    do I just use the materializer thingy that says [energy 0U]

  4. asian, 03.12.2010 @ 19:18

    if u run out of extra energy, each energy will be 100 uri

  5. DO Mods are fags, 08.12.2010 @ 18:07

    Yeah – shit isn’t it when they try to make you spend real money.

    Ironic that you can buy honor in this game. Says a lot about the “developers”

  6. rider159, 04.07.2017 @ 13:54

    quiero creditos porfavor ayudarme

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