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Insta-shield CPU (ISH-01) (3)

04.03.2011 20:09

Insta-shield ISH-01
aka Instant shield, ISH-01, ISH01

Insta-shield can be used if you have bought the corresponding CPU first. It can be bought in Hangar under Extras, it costs 50,000 Uridium. Cheaper is to buy it for credits in Trade.
To use a CPU you have to have it onboard – equip each of your ship’s configurations with it.

How to use instant shield

When Insta-shield is activated it gives you instant 3 second protection against all attacks, meaning that your ship will not take any damage from opponents. I have been using it while running to the jump portal, when your shields are depleted just before you reach the jump portal it gives you few extra moments of life.

Every time you use it, it will consume 10 mines and 100 Xenomit (ore). If you don’t have these resources available, you won’t be able to use Insta-shield.

After usage it has a cool-down time of 60 seconds. If you have Turbo Mine CPU 1 or Turbo Mine CPU 2 the cool-down time is reduced to 45 and 30 seconds respectively.

Cool down time applies to both configurations, so you can’t switch to another configuration and use Insta-shield again immediately.

Insta-shield ISH-01 in game screen

It’s a good idea to set this up as one of your 10 hot-keys.

Only one of these CPUs is allowed per configuration.

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  1. Darren, 20.07.2011 @ 16:53

    Is the ISH-01 the orb around your ship?

  2. St3AltH, 26.08.2011 @ 21:06

    its not a “orb” but is an actual barrier like shield, orb? maybe a rep bot?

  3. ~ForsakenAngel~, 29.10.2011 @ 14:48

    the orb migght be the bubble like they call it meaning shield mech on the bio points

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