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NPC: Sibelon (13)

10.01.2010 09:13

..::{ Sibelon }::..

Location: X-4
Damage per shot: 2650

Hitpoints: 200.000
Shield: 200.000

Prometium: 200
Endurium: 200
Terbium: 200
Duranium: 32
Prometid: 32
Promerium: 4
Xenomit: 0

Experience: 12.800
Honor: 64

Credits: 102.400
Uridium: 32

..::{ Boss Sibelon }::..

Location: X-4
Damage per shot:9100-12350

Hitpoints: 800.000
Shield: 800.000

Prometium: 800
Endurium: 800
Terbium: 800
Duranium: 128
Prometid: 128
Promerium: 16
Xenomit: 32

Experience: 51.200
Honor: 256

Credits: 409.600
Uridium: 128

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  1. Lead_oxide2, 30.08.2010 @ 02:45

    you need to add the rest of the list of NPC

  2. ??!!??, 30.08.2010 @ 23:55

    i have an fe golly evryhing including pilot point etc but anyway if people want to kill boss sibs i recomend a group asa after you have killed it enemies may pop you as most cases enemies cloak them selevs when gollies atack boss sibs then pop you as there lees hitpoints so basically beware

  3. LEGI0N, 13.09.2010 @ 15:03

    that is the dumbest thing ive ever heard if ur fe and cant kill a boss sib give up just delete ur account cos u have tgot no chance

  4. KFAJ, 04.10.2010 @ 03:55

    Boss Sibs are gay. BK are simply more economic to shoot, and at less risk to you.

  5. Ollie, 15.12.2010 @ 20:11

    Legion ur dumb he said that he can kill a boss sib but enemies from other companies cloak and pick him off when he is done

  6. TEEHEE, 31.12.2010 @ 02:17

    ya peeps from enemy companys r onto u in no time

  7. -ZAX-, 13.04.2011 @ 21:26

    lvl 9 fe->rep bot only XD sibs r still easy, boss’s drag 2 portal, again easy. :)

  8. EVIL, 18.04.2011 @ 17:18

    i agerre with zax on this 1 (i also have a unfe config for fun, hunting and to make it fun when noob btrayers underestimate me) its good to find tht perfect safe range and if you take it to a portal and a n-npc attacks its easy to jump and escape

  9. Darren, 25.07.2011 @ 23:10

    Sibs are really gay. When you’re hunting mords, a pack of 4 sins and a boss sib start chasing you.

  10. Darren, 25.07.2011 @ 23:10


  11. DO unofficial BIBLE, 29.08.2011 @ 02:05

    Darren: are u just mad bcause a sib popped u????

    Always POST your UID!!!
    lvl 13

  12. Rebel_hunter, 03.09.2011 @ 07:49

    while this is interesting, i would like to hear more onthe more exotic enimies, like kubicons, and kucurbium

  13. silverfang, 13.03.2015 @ 03:12

    just shoot at a boss sib then stay just out of range leading it to the gate that is dmz, so ppl cant be a dick and kill you after your done,… keep circling it until it dies staying just out of range once you got it there…

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