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Regarding bonus box bots (21)

31.08.2010 01:22

In July 2010, DarkOrbit creators finished analyzing accounts and punished lots of people who were using bonus box collectors. Luckily I was not among them :) For a while I was heavily using a box collector (I could get around 10,000 URI in 24hours), but it stopped working when the new game client was released, and I have not made a new one yet (I’m soft.dev). I had a nice bot that was running away when shot at, it even took a screenshot and I could see who was shooting at me or killed me (they always were enemy Golies in a group) … anyways this is what they had to say:

“21.07.2010, 11:23

Hi Space Pilots,

Today is a good day for Dark Orbit

We have finally managed to take a large step against Bot using in game. It took alot of effort and time to collect all the data. However the time has come to start removing the Bot users.

Today we have shut down 12,000 accounts for proven bot using. These accounts will stay permanently banned! We are not stopping here, further data will be collected and we will continue to shut down such users on a regular basis to make sure that Bot use will be gone one day!


Your Dark Orbit Team”

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  1. DO BIBLE, 05.10.2010 @ 09:24

    caveman: No way, no how. You can run a simple bot for an hour or 30 minutes and most possibly nothing bad will happen to your account, but I believe that the days when you could run this non-stop for 24hours are gone – you will get your accont deleted.

  2. .....BIOWARRIOR....., 19.10.2010 @ 09:29

    if u want uridium there is one way a simple few steps way to getting 10,000u and more
    step1 wait a few days you will get a message
    step2 wait a few weeks you will get an email saying awsome bonus at darkorbit and you will be given 10,000u
    wait even longer and you will get an email say uridium jackpot pounds darkorbit is funding your comeback you will get 30,000 u if you wait even longer they will cancel the present progress and the urid will be deleted
    happy spending (and waiting:D)

  3. T*E*R*M*I*N*A*L, 19.10.2010 @ 19:39

    Want Uridium?? Buy it, like I do! DarkOrbit and BigPoint give away awesome price breaks through MHH and HH and other promotional events. I hope they ban the player’s I.P. address so they can never create an account again from the guilty computer.

  4. person4pie2, 30.11.2010 @ 21:33

    is there a thing that you can legally use to keep track of the number of boxes/credit/uri that you have collected during that session and that tells you appropriately how much of each your collecting per min or hour

  5. DO BIBLE, 01.12.2010 @ 09:51

    person4pie2: Not AFAIK. There is a log of everything you get in terms of credits/Uridium or killed by someone, but it does not show if u picked up rockets in a bonus box, only if u got credits or Uridium. I assume it’s because they don’t consider ammunition as valuable – image how it would clog up their log files if they’ve logged everything.

  6. celestialbronze280, 25.12.2010 @ 00:55

    bioworrior how long for them to send the emial about the 30,000 uridium?

  7. nema, 26.12.2010 @ 23:33

    how can i download? :)

  8. DO BIBLE, 27.12.2010 @ 00:12

    The only bot I know of is UDOBot.

    AFAIK that’s the only working one and its free, u just need to register on that site to get the download link.

    I have not used it nor looked into it – don’t know what it does on your system. Don’t complain if u get banned and lose everything. BigPoint does not tolerate bot users and neither would I in their shoes.

  9. Coder, 25.01.2011 @ 23:06

    The v5.0 has benn released, in the Unofficial version, just b4 the comments.

  10. DOGeek, 27.02.2011 @ 03:51

    Nice one DO, you keep your blog upto date. That’s a fist from my research ;) (I’ll forgive you those three months XD)

  11. -ONE- (ldr), 13.04.2011 @ 17:41

    what if i just get a cloak and fly arownd on my own collecting bonus boxes(for48hours-or untilsleep), how much uri would i get b4 i got banned

  12. DO BIBLE, 13.04.2011 @ 17:44

    -ONE- (ldr): No idea, I have the same question. What you have described is what bots generally do. How they detect them is of course a secret.

  13. -ONE- (ldr), 13.04.2011 @ 18:33

    my main ? is will i be banned without usage of a bot?

  14. morbitron, 14.04.2011 @ 08:32

    you can cloke and fly around all week if you like collecting boxes i have a box doubler and have spent many houre collecting uri and ammo i never been banned if you playing the game legally and not botting you will not be banned there is nothing in the rules that say you cannot collect boxes all day as long as you do not use a artifical intelegence (bot) to do soif you are there live flying your ship cloked or not you are not in violation of do s rules

  15. -ONE-(ldr), 14.04.2011 @ 16:30

    thx morbitron, violatuion without bot wasn’t my concern, my concern was getting autobanned by collecting X=b.b.’s in y=hourz with 0-fights… but your answer covers it well enough

  16. simpaigary, 07.06.2011 @ 13:50

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  17. Helper, 01.07.2011 @ 02:48

    If u want to botting u can download ”bioBot” its free bot and its work . Download v 4.0 and read on forum for more infos : http://www.elitepvpers.com/forum/darkorbit/983943-udobot-v-5-0-a-6.html

  18. ghostdancer, 05.08.2011 @ 02:14

    Do you want uridium? BUY IT!!!
    I hate a bot cheat!!

  19. Rapidz, 02.08.2012 @ 21:42

    i use a bot and in 2 days i botted 103k uri

  20. fed up, 05.03.2013 @ 05:32

    DO is doing next to nothing in the fight against bot usage.

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