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Smart Bomb CPU (SMB-01) (1)

05.03.2011 20:11

Smart Bomb CPU SMB-01
aka SMB01 CPU

Smart Bomb can be created only if you have the corresponding CPU. It can be bought in Hangar under Extras, it costs 50,000 Uridium. It is cheaper to buy it for credits in Trade.
You have to have this CPU onboard to use it – equip each of your ship’s configurations with it.

How to use a Smart Bomb

Smart Bombs don’t cause damage to your own ship, only to others human players around you.

When activated Smart Bomb takes away 20% of your targets Hit Points (HP). I use it just before attacking another player – fly under it cloaked and detonate a smart bomb first and then start attacking it. When you see a smart bomb being detonated you should get away from that area ASAP – it will cause damage to all ships that fall within the bomb’s radius. If you’re the one being attacked and you spot the detonation on time then it’s possible to fly away from it quite easily.

Every time you use it, it will consume 10 mines and 100 Xenomit (ore). If you don’t have these resources available, you won’t be able to create a Smart Bomb.

Smart Bomb has a cool-down time of 60 seconds. If you have Turbo Mine CPU 1 or Turbo Mine CPU 2 the cool-down time is reduced to 45 and 30 seconds respectively.

Smart Bomb just as Insta-shields are quite expensive.

Cool down time applies to both configurations, so you can’t switch to another configuration and make a new Smart Bomb.

 Smart Bomb SMB-01 in game window

Only one of these CPUs is allowed per configuration.

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  1. ƎVIL, 26.08.2011 @ 21:00

    if i have one config with this and the other with the shield, will the shield need to “cool down” after i use the bomb, like if it doesn’t go as i plan can the shield help me escape?

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