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Trade and Trade prices in DarkOrbit (340)

10.02.2010 16:10

NOTE: When you comment about a specific price – mention on which server and when (today,a year ago) otherwise your comment goes bye-bye, since it’s useless.

How does Trade work in DarkOrbit?

Trade can be very frustrating if you’re just starting out and want to buy Elite items for credits. Why? Because you will always lose and also because Trade is:

1. Blind auction – you don’t know what others are bidding.
2. No item and no credits – bids are not refunded if you don’t win the item. It’s like throwing money into a black hole.
3. Bids don’t sum up – if you bid 10 million and then 15 million you have just bid 15 million and that’s it.

Why does it work this way and will they change it?

They will never change it. Why?

1. It works as a credit deflation tool in the game.
2. It gives advantage to beginners with few credits.

A lot of the people have 100% Elite equipment and millions of credits laying around. What do they do with the credits? They go and bid. What would you buy?
You need just one Goliath ship, one 6 slot CPU, etc. So, what’s in demand? Ammo, Boosters, Laser canons, Engines, Shields, Drones. In that order.

Everyone needs ammo. Some need the rest. No one needs 50% cargo expansion, 50% armory expansion, Repair robot 2, etc.
So, expect ammo and boosters to be most expensive items in the Trade.

If you would see auction prices then the one with most credits in his account would always win. I have personally bought cheap items for 100 credits and sold them back to the game for 10,000 credits (or whatever the price you get for selling them) – just for fun.

If you would get back your credits when you lose a bid then there would be huge credit inflation in the game – people would have more and more credits and bid larger and larger amounts, Trade prices would go up without an end in sight. There really isn’t any other way to spend credits, besides Trade, when you’re 100% Elite.

Update (30-jan-2011): Credit inflation has arisen from SkyLab. SkyLab allows anyone with a Goliath and enough Honor points to make 3million credits every 6 hours. Prices have gone up significantly on the largest servers, since writing this article in feb-2010.

I was winning that item – why didn’t I get it?

You were winning, but you didn’t win. If you pay a closer attention you will notice that during the last minute of trade winners change several times! People are bidding in the last minute and it’s a good strategy.

Say, I bid on elite rockets some small amount. You bid 30 minutes before the end and outbid me. What do I do if I have credits to burn? I bid again and most probably outbid you.

If you bid in the last minute, no one will be able to come back and outbid you.

Trade prices

This is one of the most sought after subjects. I know, because I was looking for it and found only 3 sites and a lot of spam results on google.

Trade prices depend on the server where you are playing on. I can talk only about the big servers, like Global [something] and USA.

Armory upgrade 1 (50%)- multiple times with 10 to 100 credits;
Armory upgrade 3 (150%) – 50mil; (GEU, 30-jan-2011)
Repair Robot 2 – 10 to 100 credits;
Lab CPU 3 – 10 to 100 credits;
Radar CPU – 10 to 100 credits;

Repair-bot Auto CPU (repairs ship when standing still) – 150 thousand;
Rocket-launcher CPU (RL-LB1) – 11 million (GEU, first try, 18-mar-2011);

PLT-3030 (50 rockets) – 5 million (GEU, first try, 18-mar-2011);

Smart Bomb CPU, creates an instant bomb – 1.2 million
Insta-shield CPU, protection for three seconds – 13 million

LF2 – 128 thousand, 340 thousand, 940 thousand, 1.3 million (won 3 times, lost 4 times)

Log-disks (3pack) – 85mil; (GEU, 2010-07-20)

Hit Point booster – 16 million;
Experience booster – 15 million;
Lasers X3 – 6 million;
Cloaking CPU (10uses) – 13 million;
Slot CPU 2 – 7.7 million (won at first try);
Slot CPU 3 – 40 million;
Slot CPU 4 (10 slots) – 250 million (GEU, won on 30-jan-2011). This got to be a sure price to win every time. :)

Iris drone – 96 million (GEU, sometime in 2010);

Lasers X3 – 5 million;
LF2 – 110 thousand, 340 thousand, 510 thousand, 710 thousand, 810 thousand (2x), 1.3 million (2 times), 1.5 million;
LF3 – 6,2 million;
Log-disks (3pack) – 11mil and 25mil; (GEU, 2010-07-20)
Hit Point booster – 15 million;
Slot CPU 3 – 30 million;
Slot CPU 4 (10 slots) – 155 million (GEU, lost this on 29-aug-2010 – 2 days after CPU was released. Even the guy who was winning after my bet – didn’t get it!); 161 million (GEU, lost on 6-okt-2010)

Cloaking CPU XL (50uses) – 11 million (GEU, 18-mar-2011);

Goliath (standard) – 1,5million, 7 million, 35 million; (eventually bought mine for Uridium);

Common myths about Trade

“Bid when there are fewer people online”.

Guess how this works! If everyone waits for fewer people online and then tries to buy things for large amounts then there is no advantage if you wait.

I have experienced that you could buy sub-eliteitems (LF2 lasers, etc.) cheaper in these periods, but I have lost a LOT of credits trying to buy something for a sub-standard price during the night and in the morning hours.

So, – it’s bullshit to wait. Make credits by killing larger aliens and save them until you get a recommended amount for buying a Goliath or other items for which there is a lot of demand and you will get them 99% of the time. If you try to buy for cheap you will lose 99% of the time.


Items that are not in demand you will be able to buy during the day for a very low price – just keep bidding a small amount and you will win eventually.

Very conservative way to estimate items price in credits is to multiply item’s price in Uridium with 1000 or 1500.

There are items, like Slot CPU 3 which cost obscene amount of Uridium (300 thousand), but they can be bought for credits relatively cheaply. Items that are in demand (as mentioned above) go even beyond 1500 multiplication and you need to multiply their Uridium price by 2000 to get them in Trade for sure.

There will be times when you bid logical maximum on an item, but you will lose, because someone just wanted to buy “those 3 boosters” and he spent anywhere from 20 to 50 million credits for a single booster.

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  1. :-DARKORBIT-:, 23.02.2010 @ 13:20

    PLZZZZ… reply my question

  2. a goli man, 26.03.2010 @ 21:12

    To win

    Goli 15mil
    leonov 3 mil
    vengi 10 mil
    lf3 10 mil
    lf2 5 mil
    Stick to these and you dont waste your creds

  3. DO BIBLE, 26.03.2010 @ 22:48

    >Stick to these and you dont waste your creds

    Every time when you lose with these bids you’ll waste creds anyways! ;)

  4. Dragon8967, 06.04.2010 @ 00:51

    I won my vengeance for 1mil, plus 6 slot CPU for 225009, and plus 10 engines for 225009.

  5. USS Monitor, 14.04.2010 @ 18:08

    Very insightful, thank you.

  6. Beavis, 23.04.2010 @ 23:07

    how much for a repair bot 3? and a radar cpu? thnx

  7. random man, 26.04.2010 @ 23:09

    how long would it approximately take to get 647,000uridium by killing aliens

  8. Beavis, 27.04.2010 @ 01:22

    depends wat alien i’ll find out for u but i need to know what aliens

  9. (LØЯÐ-ΣӾΪϨҬДՈϽΣ), 28.04.2010 @ 17:50

    goli 10 mill
    vengie 4 mill
    leo 1 mill
    lf3 1 mill
    irus 5-20 mill

  10. Draigars, 04.05.2010 @ 15:36

    Hi, do you know the prices for Global Europe 2 ? I guess, as it’s a global server, the prices are quite high…

    or do you think that the same price as stated (LØЯÐ-ΣӾΪϨҬДՈϽΣ) can be applied?


  11. DO BIBLE, 04.05.2010 @ 15:52

    Draigars: Sorry, I have never tried to buy anything in GE2.
    My experience is listed in the article, others that post comments here take responsibility for them or don’t! :)

    My recommendation with these top level items, like Goli or LF3’s, is stated in the article – save up and buy for a known price, don’t try to buy them cheap. Those lost auctions for 10mill will add up. trust me! ;)

  12. Draigars, 04.05.2010 @ 18:07

    Ok, thanks for your advice… and for the quick answer. :p

  13. Wargasm, 09.05.2010 @ 19:24

    For the bidding at night thing… you are bidding around the normal price BECAUSE people are bidding less than normal. You actualy do have a higher chance at winning because of that myth. I would be much happier if you didn’t prove noob myths wrong… it helps me win. lol

  14. DO BIBLE, 09.05.2010 @ 19:30

    Wargasm: I see your point :) I guess you could go down from a normal price a little bit during the night. But I always think about those lost bids. you try to buy goli for 10mil and lose several times and all that money is lost…

  15. r.lowe, 11.05.2010 @ 18:30

    i bid on a honor booster with 200 credits andi won

  16. DO BIBLE, 11.05.2010 @ 21:01

    r.lowe: Well, u should also mention which server, otherwise its even more meaningless. There maybe are some servers with a couple of users where everything is 200 creds ;)

    200c is nothing and u could waste them without remorse. In Global EU, I personally have never seen anything like that.

  17. MT, 11.05.2010 @ 23:52

    I have won:
    CLO4K Mod Cloaking Device v1 – 5000 credits
    Radar CPU – 5000 Credits
    Repair Robot 2 – 5000 Credits

    Everithing on Global EU server

    But i’ve lost alot of credits, on numerous things also… In trading is all about luck.
    If you realy want something, then sell your materials as crazy, gather few million credits and start auctioning.

  18. che0252, 12.05.2010 @ 12:46

    no man leo is only 500k to 1 mil now
    and goli is around 20-30 now
    vengi is 10 mil to 20 mil
    and lf3 is about 5-10 mil
    lf2 is 1-3 mil

  19. codyd4, 19.05.2010 @ 19:45

    won armory upgrade 50% 22,000
    lab bot 20000
    auto reapir 20000

  20. che0252, 23.05.2010 @ 15:21

    i want a smartbomb bid how much i bid?

  21. Hølly•Ð®ðgØñ, 27.05.2010 @ 13:29

    how much won goli. in germany 3
    wie viel ich won goli. in germany 3

  22. Dan, 29.05.2010 @ 23:04

    how much is a leo on england 1? if someone could answer this much appreciated

  23. Patrick Grant, 05.06.2010 @ 15:21

    I am West usa. How much for new golis and vengi and all golis?

  24. Optimus[ReB], 05.06.2010 @ 17:58

    The new goli is about 200 mill on West I hear and Ive been winning golis easy for 3 mill. I also won my vengi for 1.5 mill last time I had it…

  25. Super*Duper*Tiny_X!, 08.06.2010 @ 12:50

    I don’t know which server you’re mentioning, but from past experience vengy’s go for 8 mil-ish and although you have better chances bidding high bid isn’t set in concrete anything could go for 1 cred or 100 mil its just less likely if you bid higher.

  26. SV, 09.06.2010 @ 15:21

    Winning Bids: Global Asia

    I suppose it’s fairly reasonable, if you bid a few hundred thousand, who is going to know it’s not millions, without spending millions to find out. How many people ‘test’ bids? I know if someone has bid on more than 1 thing, I check if all their bids are low and outbid them on only one thing with a ‘fair/serious’ bid near the end of the auction, which works pretty well for me so far on junk, but yet to find it work on elite items. Actually had an iris with a 52,000 bid for 45 minutes of course this was outbid before the end of the auction, but you never know, what if that was the only other guy and you bid 30 MILLION?? stupid not to test the other guys bid progressively with 50k 250k 500k 1M 1.5M etc if you are going to lash out like that.

    Leonov 237k
    +4 slots 118k
    double cargo 127k
    +100% Armory 227k
    Rocket turbo 397k
    Repair 2 231k

  27. A nobody, 10.06.2010 @ 01:06

    no you go in the middle of the night. Like at 3AM or something. Go when the “big country” is asleep. Example lets say the US plays dark orbit the most. Then just bid when the US is in the middle of the night.

  28. Sma$her2, 11.06.2010 @ 00:02

    Me and optimus were talking about usa west

  29. Corn King, 11.06.2010 @ 04:27

    bought my goli with only 10 million :)

    btw i bid EVEN MORE at night to ensure that i get it…for example im buying a FL-3 laser for 10 million at 1-4 AM…i havent lost anything big yet so i think i should win :)

  30. -boom3893-, 12.06.2010 @ 13:55

    you noobs out there,if you have an income per day like 100,000 or 500,000 i reccomend buying a goli for 10mil in the middle of the night for more skylab cargo:

    Goli: 25mil
    X3:1-3 mil

    LF-3:5mil at the most
    LF-2:1.5mil at least
    X3:900,000-2,000,000 (500k if you are lucky XD)

  31. -boom3893-, 12.06.2010 @ 13:58

    DO BIBLE are you FE?
    by the way what’s your account?
    and are you usa(east) or GEU?

  32. DO BIBLE, 12.06.2010 @ 15:04

    -boom3893-: AFAIK I’m full elite :)
    Last week spent a sh*t load of URI on those log disks, but still haven’t got all 50 skill points, so now it depends on what FE means ;)

    Oh yes, also got the Fight Skin for goli (+5% damage).

    I’m on GEU, but I’m playing rarely nowadays.

  33. †™£ÏM€HÆD™[W‡N], 13.06.2010 @ 01:25

    Goliath:20-25m (most people bid 23mill)
    Vengeance-13-17m (lots of people bid 15m some people lose it but 15m is usually a solid bid)
    Leonov- 1-3m (my friend won it for 650k i say bid around 2m)
    LF2- 2-5m (5m is solid bid you can get it for around 3m though)
    LF3- 10-12m (i say 10-12m because actual thing is 7-10m but my friend lost a 11m bid on it once and lots of people need LF3’s)
    SLO3- 600-750k (i heard 650k is solid bid but I got it for 215k)
    Iris- 20-90m (Iris is the most random bidding item lots of my friends in my clan usually get around 15m or 20m to bid on it but ive heard someone lost a 60m bid on it and i heard someone got it for 90m on 2nd try)
    GEMINEX HI (50% cargo)- 650k-1m (solid is 1m its very useful in getting creds IF you have Skylab Upgraded for help go on youtube and search up skylab help you can make millions a day from it)
    REP-2- 1-501creds (noone bids HIGH on it)
    REP-3- 1-10k ( you can get for 100 creds at times but i got it on my first account for 1001creds and on my other for 5009 creds)

    Hope it Helped

  34. Random, 15.06.2010 @ 21:37

    How much would REP-2 and REP-3 cost?

    Thanks :D

  35. MISA2010LEGEND, 18.06.2010 @ 16:05

    USA (WEST)- I’am from Romania

    Leonov 1-3 mil
    Goliath 10-20 mil
    Veng it’s around 8 mil
    LF-3 4-10 mil
    LF-2 2-5 mil
    Iris the most expansive it’s 100-900 mil or much (my friend lost 976 mil )
    I won 2x ISH-01 with 1000 credits
    Rep 2,Rep 3,SMB,Leonov,Radar,and 20 extras with only 1000 credits

  36. ∞∑™[ѶθⱡḒ], 22.06.2010 @ 22:33

    i play uk server and prices are off the charts
    goli 20mil+
    iris 100mil+

    although i did get my venge for 5mil, on uk server 5mil can win and 10mil can lose, so it is ALL LUCK

  37. Sapphire_Guaridan, 01.07.2010 @ 11:43

    Yea uh.. hi. I play dark orbit on both Global Asia and Global EU and to the admin are you shure about LF 3 bid for 6 mil. I can bid that much twice a week due to sky lab so I am higly doubting a great elite weapon will be for LF 3.

    Please reply cuz I just started on Global EU and wanna go Fe laser quickly

    PS: I make 14 mil cred a week

  38. DO BIBLE, 01.07.2010 @ 17:47

    Sapphire_Guaridan: I have never successfully bought LF3 for credits, so I don’t know how much it costs.

  39. Archer_Of_Aussies!, 06.07.2010 @ 16:29

    i bid 30+ mil on lf3 because i nearly always lose with my old 16-17 mil bids at about 3 AM on the USA east server, So most of ur suggestions are wrong, No offence intended

  40. DO BIBLE, 06.07.2010 @ 17:04

    Archer_Of_Aussies: Well, it’s like accusing me of not being able to predict weather, which is silly. :)

  41. PHOENIX, 12.07.2010 @ 15:04

    guys i will tell you in great britan how much i bid on everything what i member
    500 000 cr for MCB-25 ammo
    700k-800k cr MCB-50 ammo
    SAB ammo 400 000 cr
    repbot2 10 000 cr
    rep bot3 80 000cr
    on venge i won him lots of times whit 1.8 mill cr
    leonov 1 000 000 cr
    SMB-01 (Smart Bomb cpu) 200 000 – 300 000 cr
    goli 15 mil cr
    red goli 300 000 cr if you have lucky maybe you can win him whit 100 000 cr
    all boosters 2-3 mill cr
    iris drone about 30-40 mill cr (maximum) 70 mill cr
    for enforcer goli 40mill cr
    lf3 5 mill
    lf2 i won him whit 1 600 000 cr
    B01 shield 500 000 cr
    B02 shield 2 mill cr
    speed generator (x7 speed) 400 000 cr
    (10 speed) 1 mill 1.3 mill

  42. yoyo5, 13.07.2010 @ 01:50

    how much does a lf3 cost in east usa 2010

  43. Under Your Bed, 24.07.2010 @ 11:12

    My first and only bid was for the Leo, won it for 501K.

  44. Hi, 26.07.2010 @ 17:47


  45. dark, 02.08.2010 @ 13:08

    I bid on ge2 and lost 30 mil for lf3.

  46. Anonymous, 02.08.2010 @ 18:48

    got my 6-slot cpu for 100k, and my aim-2 cpu fr around 200k credits. its jsut a matter of bidding small, but early, and doing it whenever. i normally do it around 2-3 or maybe even around 4 in the morning, west coast. just be patient and it will be yours =]

  47. Reedite, 05.08.2010 @ 16:22

    I’m on uk server and have won
    armory upgrade for 100
    rep bot 2+3 for 100 twice each
    and auto rocket CPU for 200
    spot on vengie for 10mil

  48. -boom3893-, 06.08.2010 @ 16:29

    DO bible, these are new bids on USA east.

    Goli: 30mil (to be sure)
    vengi: 20mil to 28mil at the most
    LF-2:5mil to 15mil
    Iris:90mil to 120mil
    boosters:15mil to 40mil
    X3 ammo: 20mil

    Goli: 15mil
    vengi: 10mil
    LF3: 20mil
    LF2: 5mil
    X3 ammo: 10mil

    Iris: goes for about 90 to 110 mil ( even at night LOL )

  49. Anonymous, 07.08.2010 @ 23:40

    How much for enforcer?

  50. Dan, 12.08.2010 @ 02:25

    FOr USA (East) how much is a leonov.

  51. ..., 14.08.2010 @ 04:13

    got 2 +100% armories for 1003 credits each!!

  52. igormix, 14.08.2010 @ 05:44

    on global asia server you CAN win leonov for 550 000 as i did an all of my friends did.

  53. Calderone, 21.08.2010 @ 09:35

    SO… I guess it comes down to, where are lightly used servers, where I can win on cheap bids? anyone know the best ones?

  54. lalalala, 25.08.2010 @ 18:36

    USA west
    just won a REPbot 2 for 10,000 yah i know i didnt listen to ur advice but so what?!
    also won a radar for 10,000

    680,000 Cargobay expansion
    I tried 100,000 and it failed….

  55. Lead_oxide2, 29.08.2010 @ 03:00

    hey i’m in USA WEST SERVER!
    goli : 20-40 mill
    venge : 5-12 mill
    leovon : 1-6 mill don’t ask me why that is but it is.
    and iris : 1-15 mill. i hope i could help!

    oh and i got my enfocer for $3,500,001 but i have seen bidds for $100,000,000 and lost.

  56. ..., 29.08.2010 @ 14:37

    got a leo for 500k

  57. Lead_oxide2, 30.08.2010 @ 02:13

    at what server? – please if you are going to post something about darkobrit trading canter please put the server you are in.

  58. Lead_oxide2, 30.08.2010 @ 02:34

    there is a new cpu in the trade!
    the +10 new slots for extras cpu
    that the newest thing if you could please tell us what you got it for and what server

  59. DO BIBLE, 30.08.2010 @ 02:43

    Read the article (LOST part!) :)

  60. Lead_oxide2, 30.08.2010 @ 20:07

    you are in global right? i’m in the west usa

  61. DO BIBLE, 30.08.2010 @ 20:50

    nop, i’m only on GEU.

    darkorbit ATTTT darkorbitbible.com

  62. FE usa west, 30.08.2010 @ 21:29

    Here is all about prices so…
    LF3 5-18 mil i won that range so far for like 20+ times rarely lost(rest i buyed with uri for full lf3 31 pcs)
    B02 i won ranged from 10 mil to 25 mil lost several times on 15+ mil and decided to add 25+ each time and i won each time
    Goli for 15 mil (think i was lucky heard of 25-50 mil now)
    veng 3 mil i won but now is like 5-15 mil
    leonov 500k-5 mil depends on luck
    slot 10 cpu i won for 26 mil
    most expensive – IRIS drones i won ranged from 25- 70 mil never won under 25 mil (lost several times at 25-40 mil range)
    took me a full year to get FE ,good luck and hope you’ll manage to get FE in less time :P (when i say FE don’t imagine FE means Goli+ 8 Iris + 31 LF3+ 31 B02, i talk about 30+ points on PilotBio upgrades… then you’re FE for real)

  63. DO BIBLE, 30.08.2010 @ 21:37

    FE can only mean 50 skill points, not 30+! ;)

  64. -spump-, 04.09.2010 @ 13:37

    my server is global asia
    i won SLOT CPU 4 for 5m..

  65. andel, 09.09.2010 @ 19:49

    my server is europa 4 and i bid at 14o’clock for those and won:
    Goliath(first time when i bit at it)-50.002
    1*iris -5.002(it was just a joke but i won=)))
    SG3N BO2-200.002
    And of course an design(the firs from the list with 5%damage bonus)for just 550.002

  66. Mopit, 10.09.2010 @ 15:27

    ive won leonov with only 300k in skandinavi…. probably just lucky and gosh ive tried LF 3 for 10 times now bidding 10m everytime ive never won no matter when i bid it -.- and any tips for garena server? ive heard its pretty cheap there

  67. waawaww, 13.09.2010 @ 17:44

    can someone give me acc?

  68. Rolly, 16.09.2010 @ 22:31

    Hy, i had some win’s and some lost’s for example:
    slot cpu3 – 4 mil
    instant shield, smart bomb – 4 mil
    venge, target cpu(50% licklyer to hit the target) – 1 credit
    307 mil on iris(auch)

    did anyone win the 4 slot cpu ??

  69. Cesar, 17.09.2010 @ 15:02

    In Spain I bought a goli for 60 million and I won…. before that I bid 45 million and lost

  70. NANO, 18.09.2010 @ 07:44

    i bid 50mill for my vengeance (and won) and now i feel like a dumbass lol :P

  71. boomer, 19.09.2010 @ 14:17

    hey guys please can someone answer the following for europe4?

    radar cpu:
    design for vengi(revenge):

    PLEASE GUYS ANSWER I would really appreciate it :)

  72. ۩◄├DΞATH-§TAR┤►۩, 21.09.2010 @ 04:11

    I won many items for low bids. If you want to do this on the USA East server bid 100,000 on subelite items. Be sure to bid early on if you are going to bid low. Early on is when there is greater than 30:00 left to bid. If you want to bid on elite items or extras for a low price bid only when the person bidding on the item you want is bidding on other items. Also only be winning one item at a time, if you bid on 2+ items you’ll have someone try to outbid you. I have bid 100,000 on many extras and won. The extras I won for 100,000 credits are:
    Slot cpu 3, insta-shield cpu, bomb cpu, cargo bay expansion, +100% armory upgrade,
    6900 speed generator, LF2’s, B01’s, Turbo mine cpu 2, Lab cpu, lab cpu 3, jump cpu 2,
    ammo cpu, generator boost cpu, targeting guidance cpu 2, rocket launcher cpu,
    Hellstorm launcher 2, radar cpu, Drone repair cpu 2, auto rocket cpu, rocket turbo cpu,
    repair bot auto cpu, log disks(3 pack), and repair bot 3.

    I have won 11 of the 6900 speed generators and 4 LF2’s for these low bids. It took like 1 week to get 10 of the 6900 speed generators. It could take less time for those of you that play DO 3+hours a day


  73. o0jetfire0o, 24.09.2010 @ 05:22

    actually i lived in britain for years then moved back to australia… so i still paly on the brit server with friends… but i have noticed, since i am almost always on at night over there that people start to get tired and give up around 4am. prices go down significantly!

  74. PING, 28.09.2010 @ 04:28

    ok it wouldnt be fair if u knew other people bids u understand? ur just getting fustrated cuz u keep losing bid higher next time

  75. caveman, 28.09.2010 @ 07:40

    what is the server where the price of the bid for goliath and lf3 are the cheapest.

    and what is on average the bid for
    USA West
    USA East
    for goliath, vengeance, Leonov LF3, LF2, generators.

  76. DO BIBLE, 28.09.2010 @ 08:22

    caveman: What is the point of knowing the cheapest server?! You have to stick on that server. You can probably login into some Global America 4 server and fly there by yourself and buy everything for 100 credits! ;)

  77. Dak_2, 29.09.2010 @ 00:50

    How much would x2 cargo be?

  78. caveman, 29.09.2010 @ 06:09

    @Do Bible, it would be fun to get everything for 100 creds, lol get FE then wait till the server gets alot of ppl and then it would be fun

  79. the joker, 30.09.2010 @ 15:31

    hey, i like to put in 1 cred at the start and when there is 2- mins left i go high on the bid it if someone outbids me. its good to do this at night i have seen and i’m not the only one doing this. I’ll test bid 2 creds if i’m going after someones bid and 2/20 times you got them. now if you could put down 2creds at the end of a bid and win Y would you want to spend more than that. It’s ez to get 2 creds and its nice to win just don’t do it for bigger items you maybe just wasting time that you need to drop in that last bid

  80. darty, 30.09.2010 @ 22:02

    dont ever bid aafter a time when every one made alot o C.s its a waust

  81. tribalmess, 04.10.2010 @ 15:11

    I always bid 100k on items i almost won a vengi with 100k but like you said somone was waiting for it

  82. caveman, 05.10.2010 @ 05:06

    Does anyone know the auction prices for USA EAST 2
    Thanks in advance

  83. warrior, 06.10.2010 @ 14:44

    europe global 1-5
    leno 3 million
    venven 15 million
    gogo 45 million
    ca marche a coup sur.

  84. random death, 09.10.2010 @ 15:42

    which would be a better ship for someone w/o goli? a bigboy or a leonov? right now using a nostromo but im still new to the game. mostly the 40 dam lasers. the 1k rockets and the 1k shields for now. but for a noob thats looking to survive missions. and make money. which would be better? cause i dunno how long itll take me to get a leonov cause of my low income. but i suppose i could save for a week or so. and im in server USA east 2. so any one know what average costs of items are there? been trying to use some prices in here but dont seem to be accurate lol obviously. but im mainly trying to get a repair bot 3 and the +4 extra chip. and the 4k 70% shields.

    I still need the x2 cargo thingy just lost 100k on that and didnt take it…

  85. Sentinelelite, 09.10.2010 @ 17:43

    I have found that if you bid excessivley on something cheap (Radar CPU I bid 20000 creds), and win, you often can sell it for more than you bought it.

  86. Anonymous, 11.10.2010 @ 11:11

    i won every design for just 10 creds each.

  87. DO BIBLE, 11.10.2010 @ 11:38

    Yeees, that takes the crown of the most helpful comment ever.

  88. random death, 11.10.2010 @ 19:13

    haha was probably on a dead server :P still havent been able to get a x2 cargo on usa East 2 for 100k… sigh. gotta build up my skylab more to make more…

  89. random death, 13.10.2010 @ 17:03

    sigh on usa east 2 and just lost a bid of 300k on a repair bot 3… and have been constantly bidding 10-100k on it when i could and still no luck… not sure if i should just up the bid even more past 300k or just be patient and keep bidding my 10-100k on it and see when i get it?

  90. dragon8968, 19.10.2010 @ 02:39

    Just multiply the uri price by 3201 and youll have a 99.9 percent chance of winning. For iris it is 640mil.

  91. kofter, 22.10.2010 @ 00:08

    won Vengie designs Revenge and Avenger both for 2 000 011c at night and when bidding low on anything i managed to get the Crimson design for the Goliath for 111 credits – 3 times, server Global Europe 3

  92. o0jetfire0o, 23.10.2010 @ 04:36

    how much for a g3n-7900 speed generator (the +10 one)?

  93. DA, 23.10.2010 @ 07:47


  94. fx, 23.10.2010 @ 10:41

    on gb1 (UK) , maximum prices

    goli 45 mil
    lf3 20
    b02 20
    iris 75
    can always get lucky , i got enforcer design for a cheeky 1 credit bid
    most of the ship cpu’s , +6 slots, laser boost, cargo etc can be got for peanuts

  95. DEATH-STAR, 27.10.2010 @ 01:23

    server: USA East (1)
    I won many of the 7900 Gens. I won some of them for 500k credits and others for up to 5mil credits. I also won the goliath for 1mil and the enforcer and bastion for 1mil each. I was really lucky. I recommend bidding a little below the normal amount at around 15-40 min left of auction. If you win a bid against someone else then write down the player you outbid and the amount you outbid him with. It helps a Lot. I won many of the items for a low bidding price when I bid against someone I know bid low.

    Another thing that helps in auctions is a good name with symbols.

    I’m VRU and if you see me feel free to ask any questions you have.
    From: ÐΞATĦ-§TÅR

  96. se, 27.10.2010 @ 02:24

    anyone know bid price for lf3 i bid 32 miln and won every time but it is awully slow to collect 32 mil

  97. dd, 28.10.2010 @ 03:27

    Why is logdisk so expensive? Its only a 3 pack. think. Bks drop credits at a rate of 3125 to 1 uridium. meaning 2812500 credits to 900 u. Its easier to collect the uri by killing bks than bidding 85mil.

  98. Sentinelelite, 28.10.2010 @ 14:39

    I won a revenge bid last night for about 12Mil creds.

  99. Dark*Fear, 29.10.2010 @ 20:18

    Hey dud I’ve won all the design’s for less than 1 mil each they are easy
    I just need a goliath. The hardest design to win I think is the evenger Vengi design
    I have that design right now with my vengi and I won my vengi for only 1 mil! EASY!! just watch out who you bid on sometime’s there are Fe’s that want a vengi and they bid so much just watch the name of who you are going to outbid!! Glad I could help by the way this is WEST SERVER!!!

    Glad I could help!!! :) Dark

  100. eljon, 30.10.2010 @ 08:08

    can someone please tell me the price ranges of lf3, speed booster(+10) and shield generators in global asia? :)

  101. noob;), 01.11.2010 @ 04:25

    se i lost lf3 for 13 mil but won with 23 mil and if you want answer , u must put what server you are on.

  102. eljon, 01.11.2010 @ 14:15

    i put it there. it’s global asia.

  103. se, 05.11.2010 @ 02:07

    srry im in usa west

  104. caveman, 06.11.2010 @ 21:29

    anyone know the prices for LF2 in
    USA East 2?

  105. an idiot, 07.11.2010 @ 06:09

    well sum good advice and sum rubish advice, im on gbl eroupe 1 and i won a goli for 55k at 3 in the morning and i had the first bid, but many atime i won stuff with just 1 credit due to the fact of i try to win it at night.
    like i just won tonight a +6 slot cpu for 115000 and a repair bot 2 for 1 credit, hopefully ill win a vengy/goli for peanuts again

  106. Anonymous, 08.11.2010 @ 00:30

    Wow, I won Leonov for 20 k.

  107. o0jetfire0o, 08.11.2010 @ 08:38

    its easy to win a vengeance: on britain server only 18 mill

  108. asdf, 08.11.2010 @ 16:23

    iris for europe 4 in 7 o clock in the morning?

  109. Anonymous, 09.11.2010 @ 03:47

    hey, the time 1000,1500, 2000, uri method I think still works, try it, 15 mins left and IM the highest bidder on some items on usa west

  110. -Nereid-, 11.11.2010 @ 12:16

    Listen guys… I bid 100 creds for a rep-2 and won it!!!! I started to bid very few creds on elite items and kept on winning!!! I bid only on items that are not in demand. I am now a half elite leonov mwahahahaha!!!!

  111. caveman, 12.11.2010 @ 07:03

    can anyone tell me the price for BO2 sheild and Lf2 biding price at USA East 2

  112. ╞o╡◄ÐARTĦ≈VÅÐER►╞o╡, 19.11.2010 @ 06:18

    USA-East (1)

    I won the slot cpu 4 for only 101k credits, the goliath for 501k credits, LF2’s for 100k-3mil and I’ve found that it’s not just about having a cool name its also about anonymity. I also won the enforcer and bastion for 1mil each so I’m on a roll.

    Does anyone know how much jump cpu 2’s, B02 shield’s, and LF3’s goes for in trade on USA East?

  113. ^":gestrctin":_+, 21.11.2010 @ 08:31

    i won a golith for only 30k true in the old version of darkorbit best to bid when round 500 below people :P

  114. LusoFF, 22.11.2010 @ 23:02

    Got 6 slot cpu for 400,000 credits on GEU at 7pm

  115. Vengeance, 28.11.2010 @ 06:37

    guys how much for a Goliath on us west? Thanks.

  116. marismaris93, 29.11.2010 @ 00:36

    Hello i am in global europ server and i wanted tu know how much is lf-3 lasar and B02 shield chosts in trade and i am sorry for my bad spelling.

  117. knyffen2, 29.11.2010 @ 15:41

    almost the same question what do the LF-3 and BO2 cost in scandinavien 2?

    i forgot some time ago did i won hellstorm launcher 2 and goli design 5% attack for about 1-1000 eatch :P (it was a joke bid). (i won but it was actualy a joke to bid that)

  118. knyffen2, 29.11.2010 @ 16:07

    jeg har lige vundet ammo-cpu for 150k
    ups sry for talking danish here in english: i just won the ammo-cpu for 150k

  119. epic asian, 30.11.2010 @ 19:09

    what should i bid for a goliath in USE east? (night)
    i almost won a leo for 130000

  120. victor, 02.12.2010 @ 03:00

    price of hellstorm rocket launcher 2?

  121. knyffen2, 02.12.2010 @ 17:51

    Just try some low bid :P
    as you can see over did i won it for about 1-1000

  122. chicken, 03.12.2010 @ 16:43

    i need a goliath what should i bid in usa east!!! i get about 700000 credits a day from skylab. and maybe 50000 from killing aliens. I have an uber-slow bigboy and need a vengence or goliath. i also need some LF3s what should i bid? please answer

  123. triforce108, 05.12.2010 @ 01:41

    I don’t understand when you buy something in trade does it cost credits or uridium credits or if the bid on something does it cost credits or uridium?

  124. DO BIBLE, 05.12.2010 @ 10:38

    triforce108: In Trade you can buy Uridium items for credits. There is a new auction every hour.

  125. Crush, 05.12.2010 @ 13:21

    hey i have a leonov with 6 ao3 8 flax and 14 mp1
    i usually bid in 7-8 morning can some tell me the prices for LF-3 and BO2 on global europe 4?

  126. marismaris93, 05.12.2010 @ 20:36

    Hello i am in global europ server and i wanted tu know how much is lf-3 lasar and B02 shield chosts in trade and i am sorry for my bad spelling. pliiiiiiiz

  127. Evil, 07.12.2010 @ 07:11

    Whats the bid for the 10% ep n honor designs on britain server

  128. Hawkin, 08.12.2010 @ 20:20

    I got the leonov for 215k credits first try.

  129. UsMc-LoZeR-, 08.12.2010 @ 23:34

    Do Bible mate ahm please can u recomend a server to bid for ships like venge and goliath on auction and wat time of day to bid it. tnx hope u reply.

  130. DO BIBLE, 09.12.2010 @ 00:09

    sry, all the info I have is here.

  131. chicken, 10.12.2010 @ 21:37

    how much should i bid 4 goli in usa east???

  132. caveman, 11.12.2010 @ 21:15

    I would reccomend USA EAST 3 because it is the newest server and has the least ppl so all the stuff are cheap. Or you can check everyday for a new server and when it comes out go in and get alot of chepa bids.

  133. Crush, 13.12.2010 @ 16:09

    hey i have a leonov with 6 ao3 8 flax and 14 mp1
    i usually bid in 7-8 morning can someone tell me the prices for LF-3 and BO2 on global europe 4?

  134. †•Sasuke•†, 14.12.2010 @ 05:43

    i won enforcer for 3.5 mil and wn at like 1 pm

  135. marismaris93, 14.12.2010 @ 13:06

    i just lost 75 milions on LF-3 Wtf!?!?!?!?!?! on global europ server

  136. DO BIBLE, 14.12.2010 @ 15:35

    marismaris93: Well, sry to hear that. As you can see in my post I have lost more than 300mil(150+161) on 10 slot CPU. Now I have 220mil and not sure what to do – either try and go slow by bidding like 1credit or 1milllion or just bid all 220mil or wait and get even more coins.

    There is a huge price inflation because of the whole SkyLab thing…

  137. optional, 15.12.2010 @ 10:53

    DO how much should i bid on an lf3?

  138. BigCoolBob, 15.12.2010 @ 14:43

    Optional, it depends what server you are on. I am in GB server and I have lost bids of 30m for LF3’s and BO2’s, but then won them for 20m. It all depends on how many other players are on and what time of the day it is on your given server. I have personally found that with the current beacon games running, trade prices are slightly lower as more players are actually in game rather than sitting in trade bidding.

  139. random noob, 18.12.2010 @ 05:03

    i won a goli once when trade came out for ONLY 5 creds it was insane on global america…

  140. epicness, 20.12.2010 @ 04:44

    i won 4 lf2s 4 1500000(3) and 1400000
    i won rep-3 4 500000
    won armory upgrade 1 4 501 credits
    won radar cpu, lab cpus, drone rpair cpus and like 5 more for 501 credits
    won leo 4 2200000 credits

  141. OMEGAMAN 888, 21.12.2010 @ 00:56

    what should i bid 4 a goliath in any of the global servers?
    i make around 1,012,000 credits a day

  142. b_r, 21.12.2010 @ 14:51

    Any info on recent bids on iris on USA East (1)? Thanks in advance.

  143. guest, 22.12.2010 @ 00:53

    i got leonov for about 500k in global eurpoe 5 in late :D

  144. misterious, 25.12.2010 @ 00:13

    please tell me how much a solid bid would be for a goliath in global europe 1????

    Please reply fast

  145. celestialbronze280, 25.12.2010 @ 00:48

    i’am really triforce108. so if i bid 7million credits on a goli i will get it no matter what?

  146. -CrisisCore-, 29.12.2010 @ 15:14

    Just won a Goliath for 14million on English UK ( GB1 ) Server. It was late evenings, around 900+ players online. Was planning to bid when only 300+ players are online but i couldn’t wait! Lol.

  147. TEEHEE, 31.12.2010 @ 02:10

    um what is ur name in USA east?

  148. b_r, 31.12.2010 @ 05:08

    I’ll keep that undisclosed.:-)

  149. *D~U~Y~A~N~H~T~L~E*, 02.01.2011 @ 02:08

    Golith 30mil
    Leo 5-7mil
    Vengi 10-15mil
    Lf3 20mil-30mil
    Iris 60mil or more
    Lf2 2mil

  150. *D~U~Y~A~N~H~T~L~E*, 02.01.2011 @ 02:09

    Any Fe from eic in the server west can join HHR.

  151. knyffen2, 03.01.2011 @ 13:13

    price for 1 LF-3 or BO-2 is just as simple as…. 50 days with the 5 daily bonus (1 logfile and 200 u) just keep recriving the daily bonus and be patient (if you kill some aliens too it will go faster) :)

  152. gamer, 04.01.2011 @ 21:06

    how much is lf-3 and goli on skandinavia server

  153. kris, 06.01.2011 @ 16:42

    I’ll have to agree that it is all luck. I have come away with a steal but then I have gotten frustrated at losing and overpaid big time on some items.
    Good deals(night):
    SL04- 10 slot I got for 1 mil
    SL02- for 100,000
    Armory 100% for 100,000
    I overpaid for my cargo x2- 1 mil, I lost twice and finally thru out the bigger money in frustration.
    I paid 500k for my auto rocket and lag cpu. From looking on here I overpaid, but it feels better to overpay and win then to underpay and lose :)

  154. gamer, 06.01.2011 @ 20:42

    vengeance 15555555 c
    avenger design 300000 c
    revange design 100000 c
    bo2 5000000 c
    lf2 4000000 c

  155. johnno67, 07.01.2011 @ 06:26

    i have 8 million do u think it is enough for a vengi?

  156. Crush, 07.01.2011 @ 13:45

    how much for the 10 uses cloak cpu global europe 4?

  157. Crush, 07.01.2011 @ 13:46

    johno it depends on your server and the Time you bid

  158. kaze, 07.01.2011 @ 16:07

    Just won the slot cpu 4 on GA 1 for 4859757. Currently doing cartwheels :)

  159. gamer, 07.01.2011 @ 17:14

    8 mln !? you have to be very lucky

  160. johnno67, 08.01.2011 @ 00:28

    server: USA east
    time: around 9-10 pm

  161. Over-Lord_Cheez, 08.01.2011 @ 18:26

    I know some of you might think the recommended bid prices are high, but sometimes you just have to bite the bullet, save up, and bid even higher. For instance, when I bid on LF3s and the 10k Shields, I only bid 40mil and up. When I bidded on my goli a long time ago, I bidded 80mil. Though when I don’t have a solid goal in mind at the moment, and when the time is right, I have gotten ridiculously cheap items: recently, I got the goli Bastion design for 100k.

  162. Over-Lord_Cheez, 08.01.2011 @ 18:30

    for those of you who started your account after the skylab, try to imagine how much cheaper the bids were, not to mention only about 5% of people even had golis or vengis

  163. johnno67, 09.01.2011 @ 18:29

    what should i bid for log disk?

  164. johnno67, 12.01.2011 @ 01:34

    i just lost a bid of 11 mil creds for a vengi!!(ive been saving up for a week)

  165. DARK_CRUESADER, 12.01.2011 @ 01:41

    i need prices for log-disks so i can get FE(currently sub-elite goliath)

  166. someone, 12.01.2011 @ 14:20

    was worrying about uridium and real money, but then…
    Goli – 11mio
    Bastion design – 1.2 mio
    Slot10 CPU – 1.2 mio (this must be crazy lucky thing, easily lost 5mio a day before long before the end of bids)
    radar, ammo resuply cpu, lab cpu’s, generator cpu, some other stuff – about 100k. Never tried smaler bids than 100k as this is small enough to bid multiple items per hour :)
    Haven’t tried lf3 and bo2 yet as they must be quite expensive. Supply and demand is what set’s the price. You need just one Goli, 1 design, 1 slot6… but 31 laser. So guess what should be more expensive? :) Price of Iris – some guy’s are just crazy. It should cost about the same as LF3. Don’t bid 100mio except you have nothing else left to spend your money on. They will become cheaper eventually.

    my tactic-
    Check the trade list 5 min before end – to find items of interest, notice professional or multiple bider names. Then browse again 2 min before the end – to re-check the same items and notice place as you will be in hurry later on. Most likely you will be left with 2..3 items to bid for. 30 sec before – you know what to look after and where, do it fast and don’t look back. If you are LUCKY, 2 items will be yours right after you place the last bid.
    Anyway you will have to spend some time on market, check the latest biders or their behaving within that hour to understand what is going on in terms of biding culture on your server.
    Mornings after local holidays and such stuff… and finaly – it’s all about your LUCK!

    hope it helps :)

    P.S. also lost about a half of those 100k bids, but who cares for that money

  167. DARK_CRUESADER, 12.01.2011 @ 19:02

    if u bid 1.3 mil on lf2, that is solid bid
    for the cpus dont bid anthing over 500 credits unless u actually want it then bid more
    i won the 5% goliath damage design for 50 credson USA east 2 and im pheonix in that account

  168. Johnson--BTC, 13.01.2011 @ 08:17


    Need a price to bid for:
    1. Goli
    2. Vengi
    3. LF3
    4. Sheild 10k/80%
    5. Rocket CPU – AROL-H
    6. Rocket CPU – RL-LB1
    7. Extra Slot Chip x10

  169. knyffen2, 14.01.2011 @ 16:00

    in 5,6,7 just bid like 15k or 150k alot of times (bid as the first then maby noone will outbid you :P (if you need money then bid 15k on the x10 and if you win you can sell it for 1150000)

  170. private, 15.01.2011 @ 14:25

    u should bid for leo 600k-3.5 mill. i got mine for 3 mill.
    u should bid for vengi 10-30 mill.
    u should bid for goli 20-90 mill. ussually about 40 mill.
    iris for 60-150 mill. ussually abot 100 mill
    LF3 for 8-20 mill
    LF2 for 600k-7 mill
    repair bot 2 for 5k-40k. saving 2000 uri is a lot.
    repair bot 3 for 5k-150k. i got mine for 5k and saved 5000 uri.
    about all designs 100k-15mill. i dont havegoli or vengi but i still bid. i got 3 of them for 150k each

  171. DARK_CRUESADER, 17.01.2011 @ 04:33

    hey DO could u give me a current price for the log-disks?
    i am trying to get the bubble shield skill point:)

  172. Johnson--BTC, 17.01.2011 @ 09:23


    I got the smart bomb & insta sheild for 500K *** in the same auction ***

    I got the 100% armory upgrade for 15k, auto buy lasers & auto buy rockets for 15k each *** in the same auction ***

    Need to know about the:
    1. 10 slot
    2. 10K sheild

  173. DO BIBLE, 17.01.2011 @ 10:00

    DARK_CRUESADER: What you are basically asking is “What’s the price of something, somewhere”. The only answer is – I have no idea. When I buy something myself – I do update the original article.

    I now have 300+million creds solely from SkyLab and I’m not sure what to do myself… I need to buy slot10 cpu on GEU, but I have not decided on how to proceed (taking into account my large loses in trying to buy it previously)…

  174. DARK_CRUESADER, 17.01.2011 @ 19:14

    i am in usa east and bid at around 9-10 pm…
    i guess i just have to round dwn the GEU prices?

  175. death2u, 20.01.2011 @ 06:24

    my friend on USA east got slot 10+ CPU for 1 mil easy

  176. connerb72, 20.01.2011 @ 22:55

    what is the bid prices for vengi in england server?

  177. ↔ĎĄŘĶ~ĤŨŇŤ∑Ŕ↔, 21.01.2011 @ 12:25

    I would bid around 10 mill I’ve tried 5 but didn’t work but mybe i was unlucky

  178. ~burkey~, 21.01.2011 @ 16:46

    is there a updated page for trade prices etc now the SkyLab has made credits easier to come by?

  179. chicken, 21.01.2011 @ 21:17

    everything is updated

  180. .::{Boss_Leonov}::., 22.01.2011 @ 22:55

    DO bible do you know if the new 250k uri designs are gonna go in trade?

  181. DO BIBLE, 23.01.2011 @ 07:38

    .::{Boss_Leonov}::.: What I heard was that they will not offer those new designs in Trade (or at least they are not planning to do it at this point).

    This is quite weird. It’s actually the only items that I know of that are available for Uridium and not in Trade.

  182. .::{Boss_Leonov}::., 25.01.2011 @ 00:19

    i cant believe so many people are willing to pay uridium for MULTIPLE 250k uri designs

  183. anon, 25.01.2011 @ 12:55

    The thing is a lf3 is not that expensive in uri. You can get a lf3’s or whatever other item every 2-3 days by buying it with uri just by killing aliens and picking up boxes. The other day i got 1200uri in only 20min. So if you play every day for 2-3hours you can get lf3 very quick and often. I started playing a month ago and i have already got 15 lf3’s only by doing that and my friend is playing for 3 months and only have 8 lf’3 and all he does is saving credit and bids.(warning: this method is VERY boring and tedious and might make you lose interest in darkorbit)

  184. kooky, 26.01.2011 @ 06:09

    @anon: really? wat kind of aliens do u kill? I get like 1000 uri every 30 mins… but usually die once so thats not a lot. i should have bonus boxed more but now im lvl 11 so i get 3% of box rewards!!!! WHAT IS THIS?!?!?!

  185. knyffen2, 26.01.2011 @ 16:06

    anyone know what to bit at LF-3 and BO-2? and how the **** du you get 1k u in 30 min?

  186. Johnson--BTC, 27.01.2011 @ 01:02


    I Box every day for 1-2 hours and get 10,000+ in uri…

    Today I bought an IRIS drone and x10 80%/20% shield generator…

    That is 25k uri… Usually I buy 2 items at 10k each… and Lf3 and a shield generator…

    It can be done…

  187. DO BIBLE, 27.01.2011 @ 04:54

    Johnson–BTC: Well, I don’t believe your story either. If I remember correctly then by picking up bonus boxes and killing a few aliens I could get maybe 500-1k Uridium per hour. Running a simple bot that only collected boxes yielded around 10k Uridium per day.
    Also regarding killing things problem is that you don’t have aliens ready to die – you had to look for them, that takes some time.
    I remember when I was starting out, it took a good 20min – half an hour to collect 500 uridium in bonus boxes to have enough for a ship repair.

    I would love to hear more about what you kill and on what maps – to try to figure out the math behind it…

  188. kooky, 27.01.2011 @ 05:18

    obviously i kill stronger lower aliens(such as sibs) for quest and for fun instead of trying to pwn 5000 lords. its not that hard.it also helps if you are close to a jump portal so if ur not FE(which im guessing ur not) so u can jump away before u die.

  189. rocky, 27.01.2011 @ 17:38

    how much should i bid for the following

  190. alindobre, 31.01.2011 @ 09:56

    I’m on Global Europe 4 and here are some pointers:
    Iris 124 mil, 151 mil
    LF3 36mil
    LF3 for 31 mil
    BO2 for 31 mil
    Lots of Extras for 11k-125k (radar, ammo, mine, instant shield, CPU2, CPU3 etc)
    Cargox2 for 1.2 mil

  191. ogreman, 01.02.2011 @ 05:49

    i lose WAY TOO MANY CREDITS over eco-10 rockets, which i buy 100 at a time
    ok, lets say i kill enough aliens to save up 160k credits. BOOM i waste 150k on rokcets. this is very annoying
    also, know the RSB-75 ammo? well i dont know how ppl saved up like enough uri to buy it in truckloads

  192. alindobre, 02.02.2011 @ 23:24

    @ogreman – I get round 10 mil for promerium from Skylab and around 10 mil for killing aliens, daily. I buy 5 mil worth of ECO-10 daily. So it is possible to make profit :)

  193. lf3, 03.02.2011 @ 20:36

    wat is the bid for vengeance in usa east

  194. Anonymous, 04.02.2011 @ 05:06

    I won SLOT 4 CPU for only 1m durring 10 A.M at night. AND I won an Enforcer Goliath for ONYL 27 Credits that same hour. So its okay to bid at the night. Just when you see a specific name though which looks like he is buying everything.

  195. BIGFOOT, 05.02.2011 @ 21:10

    LF2 2.5MIL WON

    @11PM 900 LOG-IN

  196. jumper, 06.02.2011 @ 06:40

    wow usa east is a fail server for noobs

  197. BananaBoy, 08.02.2011 @ 18:55

    how much bid for veng, goli, slo3 CPu, Rok-Toi CPU, ARO1-CPU(triangle), lf2, lf3, iris at day!

  198. --FLAWLESS--, 11.02.2011 @ 08:33

    Hi Guys
    I Would Like To Know Prices For USA East Server:
    Shield Bo2

  199. kingston, 11.02.2011 @ 11:01

    i want a goli but i don’t knowhow much i should bid.plz help me

  200. --FLAWLESS--, 11.02.2011 @ 14:22

    Goli Is 15-20million

  201. kingston, 12.02.2011 @ 16:20

    –FLAWLESS–:i’m in the USA (West) server

  202. --FLAWLESS--, 12.02.2011 @ 18:26

    Yep.Probably 15-20million

  203. duder, 14.02.2011 @ 03:23

    i am on usa east and won vengi for 13 mil
    lost vengi-11 mil
    slot cpu2(+4 slots) 200k

  204. --FLAWLESS--, 14.02.2011 @ 15:58

    I Won +10 Slot For 24Million credits on usa east server

  205. chicken, 17.02.2011 @ 18:49

    does anyone know the prices for the missiles?

  206. bibble, 23.02.2011 @ 12:07

    Hi looking at this great resource again. Someone, not me I’m lazy, needs to make a collated table of items vs servers at specific times of day and consisting of current bids. I got a six slot for 5mill, lost LF2 at 1mill, again at 2mill and 5mill. I got an auto rocket for 5mill. All within 5 days of this posting. Obviously now after LF2’s & 3’s and a 10 slot then it’s iris woes. It,s a long way to go. However, I’m now clocking 7-8 mill a day so now this game looks possible! I brought prem membership in the end, so I could keep my goli that cost me 35 mill and a cargo expansion that was cheap. I probably over paid for the goli, that was before I started looking at these pages, I’m now going to read some more of these pages and make more plans of galactic domination. P.S. I’m UK server.

  207. peep, 27.02.2011 @ 23:53

    i’m not really experienced with trade, but have won some bids on usa east server.
    the shield bo1 -is usually won with 100-200k, but expect ppl to beat u at last minute. try 500k to b safw.
    leonov-600k, i wAs lucky, but i would say 1m would b a safe bid
    cargo x2 – many ppl bid on this, so 1.5mil would b a safe bid
    the designs can vary from 1cred to millions depending on who’s on
    vengi-im not really sure, ive tried 3 mil, 5. mil, and 7mil, and ,lost all

    it mainly depends on which ppl are on, and the time. the time in which i bid usually varies for me. remeber,, never bid on the weekends or ull b sure to lose, unless u bid about dbl the suggested amount.

  208. --FLAWLESS--, 28.02.2011 @ 09:38

    Any Idea On A Leonov Bid For Global Asia Server?

  209. helper, 03.03.2011 @ 01:49

    hm since GA is a pretty big server i think 3 mil would be good. To be safe, maybe 5 mil

  210. --FLAWLESS--, 06.03.2011 @ 10:14

    Thanks Anyway
    I Won It For 131k :)

  211. --FLAWLESS--, 06.03.2011 @ 10:21

    Any Idea For The Follow Items In Global Asia Server :
    Cargo Doubler
    Armory +100
    +6 Slot
    Lase Lf3
    Shield Bo2

  212. saw, 07.03.2011 @ 06:26

    lol on invasion day i won auto rocket reload for 10k on global america

  213. the cheap one, 07.03.2011 @ 23:34

    what should i bid on a cargo space x2

  214. --SSELWALF--, 08.03.2011 @ 05:05

    cargo doubler: 500k had a friend win with 8k
    armory- 250k
    +6 slot- 5 mil
    lf3 maybe 30mil
    bo2 maybe 40mil
    i just got popped in usa east like 5 times in the same place during CTB
    about… 25 EIC FEs surrounding the port
    once i shot ONE MISSILE and they all killed me in less than a second

  215. Eri_[ONE.], 08.03.2011 @ 05:07

    hello ppls!!! i am eic in usa east and is ranked 2 in the hall of fame
    i am in clan [ONE] and we send our regards!!! i am fe goli behind Blue_Max

  216. CAP Sagara, 09.03.2011 @ 17:12

    Hola, para España1 como cuanto es la apuesta de los motores +10 que ya he perdido mucho y no me acerco al precio y tambien de los x2 y x3

  217. Nobody, 09.03.2011 @ 20:39

    my friend started on a new server and bidded 20k on a Goliath strait away

    and guess what…..
    he won :P

  218. Some Guy, 09.03.2011 @ 20:43

    what would a decent bid be for a vengie on GB server at 7:30 am (GMT) and 5:00 pm (GMT)

    Plez help

  219. Some Guy, 10.03.2011 @ 09:39

    i know a good way to get a Goliath for sure

    Join a clan with a loyalty prize (if u join a good one you can 1 billion credits)
    Then go to trade and bid 400 million credits on a Goliath and You will win unless someones an utter nut job . :)

  220. Some Guy, 10.03.2011 @ 09:50

    hi again
    I need some help every time i leave 1-4 1-3 i eventually get pooped by some guy in Goliath probably sitting on a mountain of cash
    Any advice ?

    By the way i have a Goliath but its not FE

  221. lordcooljack, 11.03.2011 @ 18:49

    i just won a leonov for 925k credits with 1800 ppl online.
    3mil per bid? bull

  222. goli132, 12.03.2011 @ 15:15

    i won my goli for 10 million creds and i got all my designs that i could bid for for 20 thousand creds
    then i have one lf3 and one lf2 that i got at the beggining if the game
    goli is 5-15 million

  223. Some Guy, 12.03.2011 @ 16:30

    been biding for 2 hours(on GB server) from 12(GMT midday) got lot for good stuff.
    only lost 3 bids
    Got :
    So2-cpu for 200K, HST-2 for 60K, MBC for 150K, Rok- Toi for 400K, Gemineh ACC 400K
    Hopes this help

  224. Some Guy, 13.03.2011 @ 17:47

    There are 2 good tactics to bidding :

    Bid at the beginning with a small amount of credits and you are likely to win if say its an extra though this is not a good strategy on Goliaths and other items as they will be fought over by lots of different people.
    Bid at the end with a large amount and You’ll likely win as no one will be able to out bid you.

  225. DrWho_64, 15.03.2011 @ 16:53

    I’ve won the 4 Goli designs (Enforcer-55k, Bastion-175k, Vet-75k, Exalted-125k)and the Crimson-25k. I play the USA (West) server and I got all these bidding after 3am. But the TIME you bid really isn’t as important as how many people are online at the time you bid. Here’s why: If you wait until there are less than 500 people online, your odds go up dramatically because a good portion of those online are actually playing the game, trying to complete missions, fighting, etc. So, if roughly half the people are playing and not bidding THIS hour, then it’s just you and roughly 250 people bidding on 61 different items. If everyone that was bidding, bid on just 1 item (ya right) that gives the bidder about a 1-in-4 chance of winning the bid. Now do the math when there’s 1500 people online. Suddenly you’re bidding against like 25-to-1 odds! Of course with 25+ people bidding, the bids will get nutty-high and millions of creds will be lost!
    But, Here’s a way to kinda know where the high bid is going to land. Try to be the first to bid on an item. If you win the first bid at the start of a new hour, and you bid “fair market value”, chances are you’ll win the bid. But, sometimes the other guys just wants it more than you and will out-bid you. If you catch this early enough, and you really want that item (and have the creds to bid again), bid what you bid the first time +50%. So if you bid 1,000,000 and got topped but really want it, bid 1,500,000. If you didn’t get the bid back you can repeat the process or save your creds and wait for the next auction. I do a little of both.
    Also, if you’re up either real late or real early (depending) check the auction for items that no one bid on that hour (think mid-week, when school is in session and the booger-eaters can’t play super late into the night). I’ve gotten some items so cheap, you wouldn’t believe me if I told you what I paid for them. Even if you don’t need the item bid low and hope for the best. Every Goli design was a surprise to me! I don’t think I spent over 3 million on the 6 Iris drones I have now. I need to get 2 more!!! I’ll post what I get them for just for kicks and grins.
    But there is a LOT to be said about late-nite auctions and your odds of winning going up. The USA West server is the only server I play on since you can’t take your ship to the other servers and you can’t bring back anything from the other servers to your normal server. So playing a different server is a waste of time IMO.
    That’s been my experience in D.O. auctions.
    It’s just fun-filled frustration for the whole family!

  226. .:DaRk-ShAdOw:.[666], 19.03.2011 @ 18:37

    I play on the USA (East) server and i would say it does not just matter how many people are online but mainly what time it is.. in this server irises go for an easy 100 mil- 120 mil but around 11 and 10 am my friend won an iris for 60 mil.. a lf3 for 4.3 mil and a Slot CPU4 for 2.3 mil it matters what time and what day for to say on a tuesday items might go for a lot less than on a friday or sunday when people have nothing else to do but play the game :)

  227. Mr.1345, 23.03.2011 @ 02:56

    A lot of the comments from people contain really silly low bid prices for items in demand(maybe loud mouthing, maybe trying to prevent possible rivals on bids).

    For all the items in demand, you either need a once in a lifetime luck or an empty server to play on, seriously the prices are frustrating.

    I’m playing on Global Europe 1, 2 and 5, but i am just collecting money on servers one and 5, number 2 is my favorite one, the one I actually play on.

    Some of my bids on Global Europe 2 at the moment:

    Vengeance – 7.556.128 mill
    +10 speed gen – 1,2,3.4,3.9 mill
    Lots of smaller stuff to the range of 5 mill per piece(too much info too put down)

    Vengeance – 19.650.756 mill
    Avenger design – 4500 cred
    Drone repair cpu, instant shield cpu, x2 cargo, 100 armory, rocket turbo – cheap stuff you can get for 1010-10010 cred(why waste 400.000 when you can get it so much cheaper, note that it’s a bit of luck, prices vary a lot).

    And the other items I have won for around 50.010 to 100.010 cred(slipped my mind a bit, what exactly it was…).

    I would say i like to bid, i buy stuff that is not in demand, and sell it back, of course depends if you have a bluffer or an actual person that will pay no matter what price to get the item.

    Good day to you all.

  228. ARK-ANGEL, 28.03.2011 @ 15:48

    on gb2/england 2 server you can win everything hor a few mill creds each like a iris is 5 mill creds max in the middle of the day. ps im full elite marm clan gb1

  229. Joe, 05.04.2011 @ 22:31

    I have never lost a bid on lf2 with 2 mil
    I have lost lf3 for 10 mil before though.

  230. chicken, 06.04.2011 @ 17:55

    obviously 10 mil is way too low. 20 is an unsure price, and 35-40 mil is the best price

  231. Some Guy, 07.04.2011 @ 08:43

    some people wonder is it possible to become FE without spending money, well it is perfectly possible as long as you have a lot of time to get credits and bid. On one server I have got a Goliath, FE extras, FE Engines and 4 Lf3 by bidding and i have only been at it for a week

    Chicken: I got my Goliath for 800k at 7-8 am (GMT) on Great Britain 1 on a Monday

  232. EVIL, 13.04.2011 @ 22:57

    So, if i want a SG3N-BO2 and i do NOT want anyone to outbid me in Usa(east01) the min# of people on when i start is 500, which goes up to 1500 and stays there… what should i bid (Note: lf3 10mill, shielding and the look on a betrayers face when ur shields take 50k dmg, priceless!)

  233. Some Guy, 15.04.2011 @ 13:44

    It depends on how many people are on (and who)they can got for 1 million credits if your lucky to 15 million credits on the more busy servers.I’d bid really low 1 million tops at the very begging of the bid and you will hold that bid for a while
    then if you are out bidded and you really want it, look at the guys name if its say
    ‘The Killer’ then bid but if its ‘”°•»WλЯŁØЯD«•°”’ or something like that then I would advise waiting to the next bid.
    Hope this helps.

  234. Tempest, 15.04.2011 @ 22:08

    How much have people been bidding to win the various boosters in the auction?

  235. ΦΦ♥µou♥ΦΦ[ÿδπ], 16.04.2011 @ 10:57

    How much do we have to bid for goli, vengi, leo in global america 2

  236. bob5038384380, 16.04.2011 @ 22:23

    I won a goli for 500000 credits at 9:00pm on a monday

  237. EVIL, 18.04.2011 @ 17:02

    what if it’s ÅאĞΞʁӖΛ۞ȴ˅ƎƉ (approximate spelling) he has been bidding on lf3’s, armory+, and shielding (must be expinsive) but only when theres 500 or less people on [the server] should i bid against him/her?

  238. Jordan, 19.04.2011 @ 01:53

    I found on Trade that the more items you bid on, the less chance those items are going to be won. If you are a cheap person who bids around 10k per item and you do it on a lot of items and hold them, obviosly the more your name shows up. People will and do think you are a cheap person and will just outbid you on all of your items. Or in other words, your name is poping up to much and people are more likely to over bid you due to the fact your hoging all the items. So in conclusion, i recomend to only bid a maximum of three items per auction hour to prevent people remembering you all the time, dont let to much attention be drawn towards you.

  239. Some Guy, 19.04.2011 @ 23:22

    No its up to you but i wouldn’t advice it memorize a few people that bid stupid amounts and never bid against them. Like on Great Britain 2 ..DC.. the best player (20 billion experience)bidded on a cloaking XL and from 4000 promerium he can get over 1 billion credits because he has like 270 million honor so don’t bid against people in the top 100 hundred unless your in the top 1 hundred or stupidly rich
    hope this helps.

  240. k3rkk0z, 20.04.2011 @ 07:18

    @Some Guy
    There’s a limit how much the promeriums price will go depending on your honor. It’s 2x. So he can’t get more than 4mil from 4000 promerium.

  241. BlasterASS, 21.04.2011 @ 14:53

    I’ve bought all the deigns and an lf3 for 10c during the day before now on great britain server

  242. BlasterASS, 21.04.2011 @ 16:43

    does anyone know howmuch for goli in gb1

  243. Joe, 24.04.2011 @ 22:41

    DO bible do u kno any bid prices for sheilds?

  244. Joe, 24.04.2011 @ 22:43

    bidding in the beginning and end is the best cuz in the end no one has time to outbid u and sometimes in the beginning people don’t bid because they are afraid of losing. I won the resource booster with one cred and no one tried to outbid me

  245. FLame, 12.05.2011 @ 09:25

    LOL i got a armory upgrade(100%)
    a rocket auto fire,radar chip for 50 AND LOTS OF OTHER ITEMS
    IN GLOBAL EUROPE 1 !!!!!!

  246. zax, 16.05.2011 @ 20:19

    ok,everyone looking for lf3’s after the skylab standard cost increased about 100-150% in short the lf3 could be 30k or 100k credits. the prices that did work before may still. i got a vinge for 7mill with 5 seconds left!(I_got_lucky) [Rep bot 3=500k credits, armory↑grade=about 50k] The prices of most items in low demand (designs among other items) is low 1mill=avenger skin
    (after skylab)

    I had a lenov=20k before the skylab (people said I was overbidding:)
    you can find a lot of help Within your company chat(vru,mmo,eic,etc…), ask if anyone is good at the auction. if anyone answers create a new chat room /create (roomname) and /invite (theirname) {or outfit invite them} and ask.
    sry about length I hope this helps! ☺

  247. Crush, 25.05.2011 @ 08:52

    how much to bid for a goli in global europe 4
    about 7-8 in the morning

  248. Kallen_Foxx, 02.06.2011 @ 22:52

    I bit a little over 7mil on the USA west server at night and lost. Almost won, but some other guy sniped at the last second, which means leos can’t be much more than 8-10mil

  249. -[V!say4n-4ko]-, 06.06.2011 @ 02:25

    uhmmm…. ive been bidding only 500 creds and 200000 creds for goli designs and sloCPUs


    user id 68205525
    user name -[V!say4n-4ko]-
    Global America 3

  250. elk, 10.06.2011 @ 05:04

    just to tell all of u leonov wanters its really cheap and there good ships. and in trade u can buy 1 for 3 mil. ive bot 3 leonovs in trade and won all 3. on the first 1i bid 2.5 mil then ibid 3 mil on the second and 2.2 mil on the last one. so around 2.5 mil. specs of a leonov are

    Standard Maps 2-1 to 2-4
    Speed 360 380
    Cargo 500 1000
    Lasers 6 6
    Generators 6 6
    Hit points 64000 160.000
    Rockets 300 300
    Extras 1 1
    your welcome
    _-elkelk-_ need help and eic come find me im usualy in 2-4. and happy huunting

  251. Anonymous, 10.06.2011 @ 20:22

    BlasterASS its around 30 – 40 million.

  252. -X-m-a-d-, 14.06.2011 @ 21:09

    Hi!I would be really happy if u guys would answer how much are the following items that are listed below on Global Europe 6 night time(around 3-4am)
    Hellstorm Launcher:
    PS:I want some safe bids…I’m up to spend alot of moneys but i’m not up to lose some…

  253. urgonnadieclown, 15.06.2011 @ 09:06

    does anyone have updated as of 6-16-2011 prices for elite items on usa west that would be awesome

  254. alex, 15.06.2011 @ 21:07

    i find it best to bid any where from 3-6am eastern time becasue no ones on then……. wow what a shocker lol jk…. but any ways iv won lf3’s for 500k befor so u girls and guys go and try this out

  255. crunchtime, 20.06.2011 @ 18:46

    ive won these on US3east server at 12:00 AM
    vengi:5 mil
    LF-3:3 mil
    designs from A-Z:10 to 100k
    ammo is around 3 mil

  256. crunchtime, 22.06.2011 @ 21:41

    goli is 6 mil on USA 3 EAST

  257. Rebel_hunter, 24.06.2011 @ 06:36

    to the people who have too many creds: buy ammo/boosters, get seprom, not creds

  258. -HardLife-, 25.06.2011 @ 10:28

    Goli – 30 Mill
    Venge – 15 Mill
    Leo – 4-5 Mill

  259. Rebel_hunter, 30.06.2011 @ 00:24

    it’s pointless if we dont know what server, and who knows generator prices on global america three?

  260. Dirty worm, 01.07.2011 @ 08:48

    i play on the east server u.s and and bids are ranging
    leo:1mill -2mill
    and keep in mind that these are daytime bids happy hunting ; )

  261. ELK, 03.07.2011 @ 08:44

    ok at this very moment (i will come n back and tell) i am bidding on all the available goliath designs. cand so far i have bid 500 credits on each one and im winning on each one. it is exactly 11:36 in washinton on 7/2/11. there are 922 members on and i have a couple other bids on a nc-awb and a gem-acc. witch i am gonna turn around and sell well ive only used max of 500 creds each. so a word of advice is to bid around 12 or not at all. i am bidding on the enforcer the glossy one and the flame job vengi. so i am hpoing iwill win atleast one. but my question is how mutch in trade for a rep3 bot. i have a rep 2 and it takes forever on my BB. and how mutch should i bid on a PLT-3030 set of 50 rockets. thanks
    _-elkelk-_ JOIN VRU OR SUFFER!!!!!!!

  262. ELK, 03.07.2011 @ 08:47

    one thing to tell u is that i have been bidding on the GEM-ACC for about a year and have never had to bid over 500 credits its not really needed so no one bids so to help u i would bid 500 credits u will almost always win then turn around and sell it.
    hope this helps

  263. DarkHunter, 04.07.2011 @ 04:53

    Iv won the Goliath at 12 o’clock for 4 million

  264. DO unofficial BIBLE, 08.07.2011 @ 14:03

    I won vengi for 1.3 M at 6:PM Philippines


  265. -KraZie-, 16.07.2011 @ 11:23

    i won a rep 3 for 2 creds on USA West

  266. Darren, 20.07.2011 @ 17:10

    -UPDATED- Goli 50 mil
    Vengi 25 mil
    Leo 10 mil
    LF3 40 mil
    Lf2 20 mil

  267. Darren, 20.07.2011 @ 17:20

    If you see the name LaPak88, you can easily outbid him wiTh about 1 cred.

  268. Sentinelelite, 20.07.2011 @ 21:55

    I personally always bid one cred more than I usually would (IE. if I would bid 100,000 I actually usually bid 100,001).

  269. LIGHTSLAYER, 22.07.2011 @ 11:54

    I have won:
    x3 ammo for 30k around 10 times
    ADVANCED JUMP CPU 1 for only 102 credits
    Slot CPU 2 for 102 credits, and for 20k credits
    repair bot 3 for 32123
    many boosters for up to 10k
    + lots of meaningless items for 10 credits
    it all happend from 12:00 – 23:00 CET in Global Europe 7

  270. crunchtime, 26.07.2011 @ 16:41

    you can trade 1 uri for 10 credits,but it sohuld be 1 uri for 10,000 credits

  271. Darren, 02.08.2011 @ 03:46

    @crunchtime I agree.

  272. CryTek^, 07.08.2011 @ 22:41

    anybody know how much for Leonov and Vengeance

    Global EU6

    Ty :P

  273. FE King, 11.08.2011 @ 17:31

    global urope 3

    leo 2mil
    vege 7mil
    goli 81 mil
    iris 111 mil
    bo2 sheild 20+ mil
    lf3 40+ mil
    i have won Lf3 4 23 mil

  274. Darren, 19.08.2011 @ 03:46

    Any bid’s advantages depend on how many players are online, and what time it is. Ex: i got a leo on us east 2 for 100k creds at 10:00

  275. ↔ĎĄŘĶ~ĤŨŇŤ∑Ŕ↔, 06.09.2011 @ 12:25

    Anybody know how much to bid for:



    On gb2?

  276. Michael, 09.09.2011 @ 00:10

    You can sometimes get stuff for 1,10,1000,or 10000 credits if you are first to bid. Got certain things like +150% ammo, +6 and +4 slot cpu, repair bot 3, etc… for only 1000 credits each. But that was early morning. Just seeing someones name on there will send some people away from bidding.

  277. Riftrider, 10.09.2011 @ 03:33

    i would sggest u guys play on america east 2. they have very low pp and the “rich” players ony have about 50mil so i suppose its easy to win in bids. i won a leo for 30k, a lf2 for 10k, and a advanced jump cpu for 5k

  278. ↔ĎĄŘĶ~ĤŨŇŤ∑Ŕ↔, 10.09.2011 @ 12:37

    lol…this is sooo not true i bid 200k on that server at 8am and still lose

  279. pizza, 10.09.2011 @ 13:56

    can some one post global erope 1 prices

  280. Thekiller, 10.09.2011 @ 21:58

    i am mmo venge 6 iris 3 flax GEU and need good clan

  281. ih6601000080, 13.09.2011 @ 00:52

    i wont a goli and a LF-3 for 1234567 mill GB 2 server 4PM

  282. «†§L¥FER†»ßR¤«, 11.10.2011 @ 00:47

    what can you get for 1,440,000 uridium?

  283. §PACE CLUNKER, 11.10.2011 @ 05:46

    i won my vengie for 7 mil creds i really thought it was just luck at first but when i lost it i bidded 9 mil to be safe and WON. so im thinking. prices are cheap!! also i got avenger and revenge desgins for 100k pretty cheap if u ask me :)

  284. Thinker, 20.10.2011 @ 20:49

    sometimes are items that noone bids for them so you just apply 1 credit and get it.I think.

  285. IDOL, 22.10.2011 @ 18:44

    I am doing a happy yay dance cus i just got a gem acplus and aimer for 12 kredits ,de1

  286. xczxc, 26.10.2011 @ 21:23

    hw much for a goli on glbal america 3

  287. ☼☼Visayan²☼☼, 08.11.2011 @ 14:30

    Guys Ive been an old player and Ive experienced OBs in my Biddings if you want to win bid high if your short on credits then save be sure to keep your uridium savings up just in case you pop hehe… here are my tips
    Leonov – 1,000,000 Tops
    Slo4 Cpu – 200,000 Tops (also the other Slot Extenders)
    Goliath – 20,000,000 Tops
    Vengance – 15,000,000 Tops
    Misc (mostly Ammo and Cloak x1) – 200,000
    Clo4k x50 – 5,000,000
    This is the List of What I Bidded in Global America 3
    xczxc as Youve Noticed I included goliath in my list thank you
    User id :68205525
    Server : Global America 3

    I know its not a sure win But i Won my goliath with that but after i lost it due to shortage of Uridium

  288. ☼☼Visayan²☼☼, 11.11.2011 @ 15:29

    bid on designs 1 credit only you will never regret it!

  289. Name, 16.11.2011 @ 20:30

    ok i am pretty new and was interested in this thread because i spent my millions in the black hole as you said… I lost 2.5 mill ; 3.5mill on laser LF3 and i bought one LF3 for 2.5mill. I play for first time and i dont know all the strategies but i realised i will win good if i upgrade my skylab enough.

    Well currently i got the Liberator and 1 flax which means i got almost no lasers. To get lasers i need Huge amount of credits. To get Huge amount of credits i need to kill BIG aliens and to kill these aliens i need good lasers. Then how to fucking develop and become stronger.

  290. defiance, 30.11.2011 @ 15:41

    Every comment on here without mentioning the server is useless. You can win bids for high end items such as LF3 or Iris Drones on the more empty servers for as low as 100k. This while I doubt these things rarely drop under 50mil on Global Europe 1 or newer, popular servers.

  291. Ξli†Σ¤§ŦΛĿK£Я, 23.12.2011 @ 06:47

    I want to get the vengi, I am in the USA west what is a good solid bid and during what time should i buy it and get it?

  292. poisin23, 14.01.2012 @ 06:48

    on USA east 2

    leo- won for 100k around 1 am
    Iris- 5 mil around 10pm-1am
    SO4- 1mil around 10-11pm
    Lf2- 1mil-3mil at various times throughout the day
    Rep3- 10k at random times
    Gem ac+ – 150k around 10-11pm
    HST-2 – 50k sometime in early morning or late night dont remember
    ALL goli designs for 10k each

  293. poisin23, 14.01.2012 @ 06:53

    also forgot to mention stil on USA east 2

    goli for 70k-700k from around 1-3am

  294. HohenHeim42, 02.02.2012 @ 08:08

    I’ve managed to pick up vengi for 3.750.000 creds at like 3-4 am PST

    Leonov- 2m, 4m.
    B01 Several times at 1.2m
    All designs 1 cred apiece.
    +10 cpu 1m (lucky bid)

    Leonov- 10m (Leo is finicky at times)
    Vengi- 5m, 10m

    Luck needs to be on your side, and pay attention to who’s bidding and the time that you bid, helps a lot when it comes to raising your chances of a successful bid.

    lv 12 MMO

  295. liytfo6qag, 12.02.2012 @ 14:23

    i won my vengance for 1.5 mil

  296. GOLI, 18.02.2012 @ 07:34

    how much for iris drones and LF3 lasers on Global America 1

  297. ▌ßÆTƒÂÑ▐, 18.03.2012 @ 16:49

    i got sl04 for 2m i was so lucky !!!

  298. skulllman, 24.03.2012 @ 04:58

    how much do u have to bid for a vengi in the late night?

  299. skulllman, 24.03.2012 @ 05:00

    i have a peanut[fe]wid iris i want to get it into a vengi or goli can someone help me please

  300. █◄▐♣ONLY♣▌►█, 24.03.2012 @ 05:33

    i got a leo and SLO4 at 310k (BOTH) ,rocket turbos,and all about rockets for 50k-300k..
    and i have won 2 creds for SAB-50 lucky!

  301. dTk, 29.03.2012 @ 20:04

    hi i sell ge7 and ge3 account info on skype gaby_tzzu93

  302. Crus3, 30.03.2012 @ 19:36

    hi i play on the Global europe 4 server and i need the prices for:

  303. dTk, 30.03.2012 @ 19:46

    i have account global europe 4 and global europe 7 and global europe 3 for sell account fe with 8 iris over 40 lf3 over 20 bo2 and lf4 pp and others

  304. 金沢04, 01.04.2012 @ 01:54

    Guys Ive been an old player and Ive experienced OBs in my Biddings if you want to win bid high if your short on credits then save be sure to keep your uridium savings up just in case you pop hehe… here are my tips
    Leonov – 1,000,000 Tops
    Slo4 Cpu – 200,000 Tops (also the other Slot Extenders)
    Goliath – 20,000,000 Tops
    Vengance – 15,000,000 Tops
    Misc (mostly Ammo and Cloak x1) – 200,000
    Clo4k x50 – 5,000,000
    This is the List of What I Bidded in Global America 3

    Server : Global America 3

    I know its not a sure win But i Won my goliath with that but after i lost it due to shortage of Uridium

  305. 金沢04, 01.04.2012 @ 01:55

    wow i almost imitated ☼☼Visayan²☼☼’s post XD

  306. dTk, 01.04.2012 @ 14:03

    Global europe 3
    8 iris 1 havoc
    level 10
    25 pp
    5 slot for lf3
    5 slot for bo2 2 slot for module
    kamikaze lvl 2
    2 slot for protocol
    3 lf4
    18 parts for apis
    35 lf3
    23 bo2
    15 gen speed
    only 20k x2
    acm-1 2000
    4k uber
    skylab 20
    gama 2-1

    Global Europe 7

    Company: VRU
    LVL: 18
    Rank: Basic Colonel
    EP: ~710.000.000
    Honor: ~3.300.000

    Iris [8]
    Apis [7 parts]
    Zeus [2 parts]
    Havoc [0]
    LF-4 [1]
    LF-3 [27]
    GN3-7900 [15]
    SB3N-BO2 [15]
    P.E.T. 10: LVL 13


    Total ~100k

    All trade designs[/B]

    Skill Tree
    21 Pilot Points

    Everything is LVL 20,Seprom 18

    Tech Factory
    [1] Productions

    Item Upgrading

    [1] LF-4 [LVL 2]
    more info on skype gaby_tzzu93

  307. Lithian, 05.04.2012 @ 08:01

    i won a 2x cargo and cloak modual for 1 cred each on global america 3 so their are no real prices you just have to make sure you aren’t going up against the vetran bidders

  308. dTk, 15.04.2012 @ 22:50

    usa west account /usa est 2 account fe

  309. V.A., 22.04.2012 @ 03:43

    server: Great Britain 1
    time: in this month
    you just need to try it many many many many many times like me
    – Radar CPU (100 credits)
    – Repair-Bot auto CPU (10 credits)
    – Lab CPU (1 credits)
    – Generator Boost CPU (1 credits)
    – Slot CPU 2 (1 credit)
    – Slot CPU 4 (1468 credits)
    – Advanced jump CPU (10 credits)
    – Rocket-launcher CPU (1 credit)
    – Targeting guidance CPU 2 (1000 credits)
    – Armory upgrade 3 (1 credit)
    – Cargo bay expansion (1 credit)
    – Repair robot 3 (1 credit)
    – all ship desings (1 credit each)
    – Vengeance ship (1 credit)

  310. lameo112, 23.04.2012 @ 07:22

    for turkey i won goli 200k

  311. erwinsims, 08.05.2012 @ 15:57

    Instead of bidding, you can also try and buy the account of someone who stopped playing but has his/her ship fully loaded..

    a nice lvl 13 goliath, full elite with drones goes for 20 euro..

    if you want to know more, ask me @hotmail.com (username, hotmail dot com)

  312. cheasybaconmilk, 16.06.2012 @ 14:53

    great britain server
    armour upgrade 150%-100c
    all rest won for 10c

  313. matejadsf, 26.06.2012 @ 17:58

    On global europa 5:
    many cheap stuff for 12333 credits
    leonov for 150k!!
    slot6 for 200k

  314. secret, 05.07.2012 @ 19:15

    dude for 10 credits i got leonov when there was no one in the server i also got rocket luncher for 1 credit and lf3 for 1000 credis slot cpu 4 1 credit dude it’s so easy

  315. Great Bids, 17.07.2012 @ 03:33

    I won a vengeance for 31K, It was fluke… thought i wouldn’t get it but I did.

  316. altitude96, 12.10.2012 @ 02:12

    Global Europe 1
    I have recently been bidding in the trade for the Vengeance on Global Europe 1. I have placed bids for around 4.5 mil and have been losing. What is the recommended bidding price for the Vengeance at day and night?

    If this is answered i would very great full :).

  317. Tom, 16.10.2012 @ 17:41

    i bid on elite items for 1-100 credits and won a few times. i did it for fun lmao

  318. Dark*Elf, 05.11.2012 @ 12:31

    Global europe 7 for Iris i bit 200.000.000 and i lose

  319. jujujjuj, 16.12.2012 @ 01:31

    i got al goli desings for 100 creds on usa east coast 2 i sware

  320. fid-, 25.12.2012 @ 17:09

    i got goli 1.3 mil

  321. Stanz21, 02.01.2013 @ 17:52

    USA West -10am
    I just won 5 diff goli designs for 100021

  322. CanoLathra, 13.01.2013 @ 08:23

    Usa 2 @ night (10PM-2AM), Nov 2012

    Slot3: 1,000,000
    150% arm: 10000
    Hstrm2: 15000

    Iris: 2.5 mil
    Vengance: 5mil, had it until the last minute
    Goliath: 20mil

    Does anyone know if they will ever place the new ships on the auction?
    My username is CanoLathra,clan Loyal to the end, and I haven’t paid a single penny into this game, and never will

  323. USA West Player, 21.01.2013 @ 05:37

    Lvl 14 Goli – EIC -

    So What im losing at and nobody has a good grip on within trade is biding on Log Disks. I lose every time.
    I’ve won on everything in trade at on point or another except laser ammo and LOG DISKS. that my big thing.
    Any specs would be helpful. Thanks in advance.

    USA West

  324. A Guy From Swe, 02.04.2013 @ 22:49

    On scandinavia you can guaranteed win ALL designs for 1 credit each. I won a goli for 200k middle day.

  325. GEU1, 03.04.2013 @ 22:36

    Will all design for total 200k. Yeah it’s easy to win.

  326. us east, 04.06.2013 @ 05:16

    won slot cpu 4 for 2 credits

  327. extra, 19.06.2013 @ 04:04

    Just tried to get a lf3 for 15 million and lost… eh too bad… maybe next time lol

  328. CrysmeD, 19.06.2013 @ 17:15

    About Ships:
    Vengeans – 500.000 to 1 mil(i won mine with 670.000)
    Leonov – 100.000 to 500.000( i won mine with 90.000 xD)
    Goliath – 1 mil to 3 mil

  329. ohmygosh, 24.07.2013 @ 19:40

    Apparently they changed something they “will never change”. This was posted on DO when I just logged on right now (USA West)

    Auction System Improvement
    A better and fairer Auction System!
    Hello Space Pilots,

    We have reworked the TRADE windowed and renamed it AUCTION, because we felt it was more accurate. Now when you place a new bid on an item you’ve already bid on, it will be added to the previous total instead of overwritten, which will save you credits.

    You will also recover your credits if you don’t win the auction.
    Your DarkOrbit Team

  330. DO BIBLE, 24.07.2013 @ 19:45

    ohmygosh: I see this message also on Global Europe. Seems to be great news. I would believe that prices will go up, since lost bids will be refunded.

  331. ohmygosh, 27.07.2013 @ 10:29

    The only thing I’ve realized however–though it could just be a glitch–is if I have 5,000,000 initially and bid on an item for 3,000,000. I cannot raise it to four million on the next turn. Although it says that your previous total will be overwritten, I believe that the computer is looking at my credits that I do have which aren’t “spent” yet. So even though I technically should be able to raise it to 4,000,000 from 3,000,000, the computer thinks I only have 2,000,000 instead of the 5,000,000 that I do have.

  332. DO BIBLE, 27.07.2013 @ 13:08

    ohmygosh: Yes, I have noticed the same glitch. Adding together does not work – currently bids are overwritten and if you want rise a bid from 3mil to 4mil, you must have an extra 4mil in your account. In the current implementation there is no point holding my loosing bids and refunding them afterwards – if I did not overbid – I should get my credits back immediately, so I can try bidding again with a larger amount. Let’s see how they’ll change it in the next patch to the game.

  333. Shonsu{k}, 29.07.2013 @ 01:41

    East Coast Server (US2)
    LF2’s I’ve won several for around 1.2M. Sometimes only 800k.

    Before the auction rules change I won my goli for under 200k heh.

  334. Shonsu{k}, 29.07.2013 @ 01:42

    *edit to the above*
    LF2 wins are over the last week or so. 800k to 1.2m. East Coast US2

  335. Shonsu{k}, 06.08.2013 @ 13:06

    15m for B02. USA2 East coast. 6am CST. Won.

  336. Donut, 07.08.2013 @ 00:03

    Hello there. I just bid on Goliath about 41 milion …. Its 23:07 now…. Ups.. Updated after an hour.. and.. I WON ! :D :) Ou yeah baby ! :D :E This was on Czech server ;) :)

  337. Donut, 27.08.2013 @ 08:29

    Again here…. I just bid on SG3N-B02 30 milion ….. I won. :)

  338. Guy, 19.11.2013 @ 02:36

    Just so you know, you do not lose money bidding anymore. You only loose credits when you win the auction.

  339. why>?, 04.12.2013 @ 18:00

    omg i got goli for 10k not 41 m -,-!for 41 m i got sg3n-02 shield

  340. SuperBee, 09.03.2014 @ 21:54

    Now you can just see what everyone is bidding, no more getting those lucky 10,000 credit bids :P

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