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Turbo Mine CPU 2 (MINT-02)

11.03.2011 22:56

Turbo Mine CPU 1&2 MINT-02
aka Turbo Mine, MINT-01, MINT01, MINT-02, MINT02

Update 18-mar-2011: Standard cool down time for mines is now 30 seconds. Until now it was 60 seconds.

Turbo Mine CPU reduces cool-down time of mines and items made from mines, like Smart Bombs and Insta-Shield. Regular cool-down time after dropping a mine is 30 seconds.

DarkOrbit has two Turbo Mine CPU’s:

Turbo Mine CPU 1 is a credit one and costs 5 million credits. It reduces cool down time by 25%.

Turbo Mine CPU 2 costs 25,000 Uridium. It reduces cool down time by 50% (to 15 seconds). It’s cheaper to buy this CPU for credits in Trade.

How to use turbo mine cpu

It is activated automatically when you equip your ship (configurations) with it.

To purchase this CPU you should go to Hangar -> Extras.
To equip you ship with it you should go Hangar ->Equipment.

Cool down time applies to both configurations, so you can’t switch to another configuration and use Insta-shield again immediately.

Only one of these CPUs is allowed per configuration.

How useful is it?

This can be debated. If my memory is correct I don’t remember detonating two Smart Bombs in one battle, as a battle is usually over in 30 seconds – one of you is running and other one is chasing, so there is no chance to use another Smart Bomb or deploy another mine.
It’s nice to have and won’t hurt you having this CPU, but I would say that it’s not really vital for your survival in DarkOrbit.

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