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Useful tips for DarkOrbit (88)

30.12.2009 03:33

Useful tips for players starting out in Dark Orbit:

1. Don’t buy a Bigboy. I learned it from my own mistake. It is such a disappointment to save for ages those initial 200k credits to find out that – sure Bigboy has a bigger cargo bay and ammunition bay, but 1) it is slow and you will get killed as many times as with Nostromo or Phoenix and 2) to repair the damn thing you have to pay with Uridium. So you have to spend 500U every time you get shot down. Learn about Repair Credits.

2. Stick with Phoenix as long as you can. Only 1 reason – it’s free to repair. Move to Leonov and then to Vengence. Vengence is one of the best ships, it’s actually faster than Goliath. Remember, if you move away from Phoenix – every time you get killed will cost you 500 Uridium.

3. If you have moved away from Phonenix remember to always have 500U left in your account. If you don’t – go pick up bonus boxes until you get 500 U. Around 6% (official statistic) of all bonus boxes contain Uridium.

4. Learn about configurations, it will save your life a lot of times. You can have 2 ship configurations which basically can double the shield power you have.

5. Don’t spend Uridium for Elite items that are not the best in their class. Learn about Trade, there you can buy Elite items for credits.

6. Don’t buy Repair Robot 2 for Uridium (its not the best Elite item in its class). Save those 2000 Uridium that you get when you sign up! Go to the Trade section and bid on Repair Robot 2. You can get it for mere 100(!) (one hundred) credits, just keep trying the same little amount over and over. Learn about Trade.

7. Don’t waste credits trying to buy the best Elite items in Trade for cheap, it will 99.99% never happen on the big servers, e.g. Global America or Global Europe, etc. For example Goliath on those servers cost around 35-60 million credits. On the other hand you could buy 50% cargo upgrade (not the best Elite item!) for mere 100 (one hundred) credits. Learn about Trade.

8. When picking up bonus boxes you sometimes get an item called “extra energy for galaxy gate generator”. It is one of the best items in the bonus boxes. You can use these in the galaxy gate generator and they are worth more than 100 Uridium each. Point is that they will sometimes generate a thing called “Repair credit” which are worth 500 Uridium, and as the name states, it can be used to repair your ship or a drone for free (it will still show you that you need to repair for 500U, but clicking the repair button will take 1 repair credit instead of Uridium). Learn about Galaxy gates generator.

9. Complete Quests. There are some easy ones. A quest can be completed only once. Quests will give you credits and some Uridium.

10. If you decide to spend money on the game (I have spent around 100USD on it :) then don’t just spend it – wait for a Happy Hour (it gives you double Uridium) or Mega Happy Hour (triple Uridium for the same money). These events occur quite often, once in 2-4 days. If you’re playing constantly you just need to click on HOME menu item (not in the main playing window, but in the other browser window) and it will pop up a text box that says – it’s a happy hour and a time counter showing how long it will last. Make sure to check it every hour. Usually it’s during the day or in the evening, never seen it during the night, e.g. 00:00-7:00. So for one whole hour you will be able to buy Uridium for a very good price. That’s how I bought my Vengence (30K Uridium).

11. If you have a drone or two, remember to check its damage level. Every time you get killed the drone gets damaged and when damage is around 95-98% it is a good idea to repair the drone (it costs you 500U) or you will lose it(!) and will have to buy it again.

12. Use hotkeys.

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  1. ♥ĦεЯΦØ0♀♥↓♫, 24.04.2010 @ 21:06

    the way i got lots of uri was i made a account and didn’t login in that account for 9 weeks and got 30.000 uri then i bought a vengy. remember you should get a vengy first then a goliath.

  2. DO BIBLE, 24.04.2010 @ 22:34

    Yes, thats correct. You get an email after some time that offers you 10,000 Uri if you login. If you don’t then after quite a while you get another email like this:

    “Your company is starting to worry about you. Are you thinking of deserting them? Convince your company and your fellow pilots of your loyalty.

    Log back into DarkOrbit and report for duty. DarkOrbit is funding your comeback with:

    30,000 Uridium
    200 Jackpot pounds for your jackpot
    A valuable Banking Doubler
    2 months of free Premium advantages”

    I’m currently on this. I believe that you get this offer only once per account or server.

  3. No name, 27.04.2010 @ 01:26

    i’m sure it’s not per account cause i got one for usa eat and global america

  4. Draigars, 04.05.2010 @ 18:10

    Hmmm, do you know the exact time we must not log in before receiving this mail ?

  5. annonamous, 09.05.2010 @ 03:43

    how much do you bid on the goli and when cuz every time ive tried it ive lost it.

  6. DO BIBLE, 09.05.2010 @ 03:50

    annon: There is an article about just that: Trade and Trade prices in DarkOrbit

  7. Private Coal, 01.06.2010 @ 23:08

    Is Vengence worth it?

  8. DO BIBLE, 02.06.2010 @ 04:55

    So far, Vengence is still the fastest ship in the game. It’s faster than Goliath. If U need to run away, Vengence is the only right choise! :) Don’t forget to apply Promerium on engines to get speed boost.

  9. Coldheart, 27.07.2010 @ 22:15

    Only problem with using a Phoenix for a long time is doing those 20K resource quests. You are going to die with whatever ship you use… uri is gained fast enough… buy a large cargo carrier… eventually you can use the speed gens in-ship and maybe even in the drones…

  10. F1NNZ, 20.08.2010 @ 20:52

    what do you do with jackpot pounds

  11. Lead_oxide2, 30.08.2010 @ 20:01

    D.O. bible can you help me? i need to talk to you.. if you are in the WEST SERVER look for me(lead_oxide2) and maby we can talk!(clan name : Tha white star Ring)

  12. tanker, 05.09.2010 @ 00:46

    i was wondering with 20 USD ON happy hour you get 80k URI but with the loyist package u get the same amount of uri but takes longer.
    which one should a person get?
    both is like 32.99 for both and gives about 160k uri

  13. LEGI0N, 13.09.2010 @ 15:07

    first of all a bigboy is the 3rd fastest ship and no one is dumb enoth to spend 500 uri to save 200k creds but u r right u should stay in a egg and focus on a veng then wen that veng is fe u should swich to the goli
    ps 30k uri is not a lot ill use that in about 1 min.

  14. himan, 17.09.2010 @ 02:07

    is there any way to make big boy compete with a vengi?

  15. Ocsloo, 24.09.2010 @ 04:35

    u guys save ur uridium like i did i have a noob acount and a goliath account and my noob acount has a vengy so i would recamend u save ur uridum for lf3s before u get vengy or goliath

  16. caveman, 28.09.2010 @ 07:35

    @Dark orbit Bible: what happens if you wait more than 3 months, will they give you more?

    and has anyone gotten anything after using the 10,000 uridum email and not playing?

  17. DO BIBLE, 28.09.2010 @ 08:12

    #1 I don’t think so, I have accounts that have been inactive longer than that, but have not got anything other than 30k URI offer.
    #2 No, I don’t think so. On one account I have taken out 10k URI bonus offer and I have not seen any since (not logged in forever). They just send a reminder to log in with your password and username, after, like 5 months.

    I just checked regarding timing.
    20-okt-09 – signed up for an account
    24-okt-09 – just a reminder to sign in
    <time passes>
    02-feb-10 – offers 10,000 Uridium, 100 Jackpot pounds for your Jackpot, A Banking Doubler, 1 month of free Premium advantages
    <I took it>

    Another account – #2:
    16-dec-09 – signed up
    <time passes>
    <other offers in between, i have lost those emails>
    12-apr-10 – they offer 30,000 Uridium, 200 Jackpot pounds for your jackpot, Banking Doubler, 2 months of free Premium advantages. 17 days later they offer the same thing (remind you about it)

  18. caveman, 29.09.2010 @ 06:05

    so only two month of premium advantages for the last one? thats it? and do you have to use the links? or can you just log in?
    Thanks for the quick reply, I am thinking of making another account because I accepted the 10,000 uridium email and then found out that I can wait three month to get 30,000

    BTW: right now because of skylab, its actually a good idea to buy big boy because when you die just buy another one and u don’t have to waste 500 uridium. Also, when someone is destroying you, i think you can just buy another big boy and get full hp again. If you have credits to burn, bigboy would be very hard to destroy.

  19. caveman, 30.09.2010 @ 04:00

    is the email per server or per account?

  20. DO BIBLE, 30.09.2010 @ 14:11

    caveman: When you get the offer you just have to login, no links, no nothing.

    I actually believe that the offer is one per account, not per server. I believe you get the bonus on that server which you choose when you login after getting bonus offer email.

  21. SOULREAPER~SINK, 29.10.2010 @ 04:46

    never pay uridium to repair a credit ship. just buy a new one, always keep enough credits to replace it.

  22. optional, 13.11.2010 @ 21:53

    how do i make 9000 uridium quick

  23. 9000 uri, 14.11.2010 @ 17:48

    do invasion when its on then bid about 15-20 mil on venge but have 9000 uri incase to buy leonov :) i had a goli with crimson design and all l-3 lazers AND full best shield and engine geberators but it got hacked and some idiot bought a yamato got rid of all my rep credits, all uri and credits so i couldnt buy anything. shall i send darkorbit a e-mail see if i get lf-3 lazers back and good generators

  24. optional, 19.11.2010 @ 17:23


  25. optional, 19.11.2010 @ 17:25

    legion how do u make 30k uri that quick?

  26. Nuker20, 01.12.2010 @ 05:17

    Waitl one bounes per account i was thinking of doing the dont-play-game-for-3 moths thing over and over then buy a goliath but now i cant because like u said one time per account so that ruins it all!

  27. Nuker20, 01.12.2010 @ 05:19

    wait i got that bounes 3 times so i wonder if i can do it agen!?

  28. Nuker20, 02.12.2010 @ 02:38

    the 3rd time i got that bounes is how i got my first leonov

  29. shadow, 03.12.2010 @ 00:02

    if you wanna go to the uppers then confirm on your chat that the portal in 4-x isnt bombarded with enemy ships. i got popped like 10 times in gb1 coz i never asked.

  30. Pokedude7, 04.12.2010 @ 11:50

    Wait till mega happy hour and do offers use super rewards they are the best.

    In mega happy hour do these offers and you could get 250 uri for clicking on a video and spending like 1 minute just watching.

    Reward TV is a good offer your get 2000 uri for nothing at all really and in mega happy hour it changes to 6000 uri!

  31. DO BIBLE, 04.12.2010 @ 11:59

    Pokedude7: I have to add that these offers are mostly available only in USA and maybe some in Canada and UK.

  32. triforce108, 05.12.2010 @ 01:33

    I thot that the leonov was the fastest ship in the game it’s top speed is 380

  33. DO BIBLE, 05.12.2010 @ 10:45

    triforce108: You have to take into account the speed of the ship and also how many additional engines can be placed on a ship, as a result Vengence is the fastest.

  34. -=[Icy]=-, 21.12.2010 @ 01:07

    hey DarkOrbiters, I am betraying my kind and letting u guys on a few tips of mine.
    1.Get leo, then vengi, then goli
    2. upgrade skylab ASAP
    3.Get more honor for higher resource prices
    4.Don’t ever attack pheonixs from any company
    5.As a matter in fact, don’t attack anyone in ur company UNLESS they r a outlaw that is attacking a team member or u
    6.get cargo bay 2x
    7.don’t be noobish and bid at 1;00 in the morning
    8.don’t waste a million credits on something like lab CPU

  35. bomberman99, 21.12.2010 @ 01:10

    top 4 vengi is 450
    top 4 goli is 440
    top 4 leo is 440/420

  36. bomberman99, 21.12.2010 @ 01:17

    DO Bible i am still pretty weak(3910000EP)
    could you give me some good tips so i can get that vengi or goli?(I am Leo)

  37. -CrisisCore-, 03.01.2011 @ 15:22

    Correct me if im wrong about this, Vengi’s base speed is 360 right? and it has 10 Generator slots so, add 10 speed gens, elite ones, and you get top speed in the game 460. Now this is without promerium upgrade, which adds 20% boost. If you boost it with promerium, speed is gonna ba 552? although ive never seen my speed at 552 in the Hangar, but this speed claim should be correct right?

  38. triforce108, 04.01.2011 @ 20:43


  39. DO BIBLE, 05.01.2011 @ 05:24

    -CrisisCore-: Yes, that sounds about right. Hangar never shows you the actual speed, AFAIK it shows only partial speed calculated by a simple formula: ships_standard_speed + (engine_speed * number_of_engines/generators) and that’s it.

  40. optional, 08.01.2011 @ 13:25

    DO could you tell me how to make about 20,000 uri without buying if ur a lvl 10 phionix with five drones.ty :)

  41. johnno67, 11.01.2011 @ 05:34

    either save up daily bonus, do easy aliens, do bigger aliens w/ the help of a FE, do a gate(which is good cuz u don’t get interruptions from pesky enemies. Oh, and get a different ship cuz pheonix have no HP

  42. DARK_CRUESADER, 12.01.2011 @ 02:18

    Hey DO i saw a video of someone doing something cheapo… he was a BB and was fighting a cubikon. Of course, he took heavy dmg, but then he when back to hanger and bought a new BB. it immediately filled his HP; does that trick still work?

  43. DO BIBLE, 12.01.2011 @ 02:23

    DARK_CRUESADER: AFAIK no. Half a year ago BigPoint made some changes to the game and now you can buy a new ship only at the home base (where you can sell cargo, etc). I have never tried to do this trick thou. Not before, not after the changes.

  44. someone, 12.01.2011 @ 21:18

    for seprom you can read “+40% shield GENERATOR performance. So why do you think promerium should be increasing ships speed instead of just speed generator performance?
    So is goli really slower than vengi? The math behind this looks as follows:
    goli 300+150*1.2=480 OR (300+150)*1.2=540
    veng 360+100*1.2=480 OR (360+100)*1.2=554

    I say buy leonov and goli, skip the rest. Finaly load it full with shields, buy defensive design and drones with shields(more effective than weapons), switch configs while fighting, load seprom in shields(you don’t need much)… and let ‘em pay! :D (for ammo)
    Because you will be killed anyway and quite often. By some borred FE uri&credit burners, groups of enemies, etc.

  45. ↔ĎĄŘĶ~ĤŨŇŤ∑Ŕ↔, 15.01.2011 @ 11:34

    DO I am a lvl 4 pheonix with 1 flax and i was wondering how did you start off because you must have done it right because of the amount of respect you have now. also i was wondering a good clan to help me become FE

    on gb server(MMO)

  46. DARK_CRUESADER, 17.01.2011 @ 04:31

    dark hunter: start off by getting better shps, about til ur a nostromo
    get the 2x cargo bay expansion, and then save up ur credits for about a 2-mil bid on the leeonov.
    when u get it, get better(EP-wise) and then join a good clan. ask them for credits but sont beg. start getting beter equipment

  47. bibble, 21.02.2011 @ 15:40

    Could we have something on clans. I joined one clan and they offered me no communication kept me for a week and 1/2mill creds then ejected me. Another tried to recruit me under a dummy account and charge me 5% tax! Clan search seems lawless, with newbies like me announcing we don’t know what’s going on by the very process of going on clan search. Help D O Bible!

  48. DO BIBLE, 21.02.2011 @ 16:02

    bibble: Yup, should write something about those. To be honest I was in a clan only once, for a week or so and I left myself. I don’t play a lot nowadays, just log in once in a while to sell ore from SkyLab and get free creds…

    On one hand a clan is a nice thing – you can go on missions and shit :) on the other hand they eat up your credits. I basically spent around 100-150USD in total and got all Elite items on a goli. That was before Skill Points which cost an arm and a leg. I believe that now to be called FE (Full Elite) you need to have 50 skill points too. What I’m basically saying is that you don’t need a clan, just fly free like a bird :)

    Sorry, I don’t have much advice on which clan to join. You could wait until you get more familiar with ships around you, you see the same ship every day and then try to contact that clan by email or IM, try to make a personal connection. There are some nice guys out there too.

  49. bibble, 22.02.2011 @ 00:59

    Thanks for the prompt and useful advice D O Bible, I’m going to play it cool. Though I think I may have to shell out some real £’s (something I was hoping to avoid), roll on the next super happy hour!

  50. DO BIBLE, 22.02.2011 @ 01:15

    bibble: Well… the game is still free.

    You need to complete the first galaxy gate – it will give you a lot of Honor points and you will be able to sell Promerium and other raw materials for a higher price. But to do that you need to have 1) collected a ‘billion’ bonus boxes to get ‘Galaxy gate generator credit’ thingy, so that you can actually complete building the galaxy gate for free and 2nd) you need to have a stronger ship, I would say Vengence. Last level in the galaxy gate is the hardest you get attacked by fast aliens.

    Anyways, it all comes down to chicken/egg problem. You need a fast ship to get more credits (this way) and you need credits to buy a faster ship without spending real money…

  51. someone, 09.03.2011 @ 20:02

    That thing about not loging in and waiting 4 months for an e-mail doesn’t sound wise!

    within those 120 days you would earn 116×200 uri and 116xlogdisks(each worth 300 uri)
    thats 23200+34800=58000 uri!!! And all that just by loging in for a second! Plus 116 energy for a galaxy gate, right?
    Not to mention that you should be able to build a complete skylab within that time by spending about 5min once or twice a day and just by selling your own resources. Also some surplus should be left for a few nice bids on market – goli and some shields for the late beginning. How about that math?!

    btw, I have got 2 months premium and a bigboy with some equipment just for using lousy public Eurosport TV promotion link :D

  52. DO BIBLE, 10.03.2011 @ 11:45

    someone: You’re correct. That ‘not loging in’ piece was written before there were any daily login bonuses.

  53. a person, 16.03.2011 @ 18:18

    its a good idea to do acctually, because you dont have to waste 40$ on premium if u do tht

  54. Aimer63, 29.03.2011 @ 07:12

    hey i was wondering im a goliath with an enforcer design yet i am still weak i kno that i need lots of credits to bid on lf3s or iris drones how much credits should i bid on them? thanks.

  55. Guardian Knight, 04.04.2011 @ 05:31

    hello, someone just told me, that if you use the JP-02 CPU(jump chip)too much, you will be send to cubikon grave yard? and that i will lose some X4 and urinium. and I want to ask you, what wll happen if I use the JP-02 too much? for example i box in battle maps and use JP-02 when I see a red dot.

  56. DO BIBLE, 04.04.2011 @ 05:36

    Guardian Knight: Never heard of this plus it sounds like bulls**t. You’re using the jump cpu just as it should be used – when you need to get out of somewhere before it’s too late.

  57. Guardian Knight, 04.04.2011 @ 05:45

    ok thanks for letting me know, i’ll keep boxing in Battle maps and jumping

  58. Aimer63, 13.04.2011 @ 03:32

    hello still waiting for an answer

  59. chey, 22.04.2011 @ 07:10

    umm im just wondering,could u log off for one month,get the stuff they offor to get come back,then log in another month on the same server,then log in on another month,to get 30,000 urid.(any thing will help)

  60. jusst, 21.05.2011 @ 16:20

    The cubicon graveyard is real, but the chance to get there is like 0.01%.

  61. Nostromo, 06.07.2011 @ 07:32

    Im a nostomo and im always being picked on by the FE Ships ( Like getting fired at) what should i do? I dont have enough creds, or uri for another good ship.I have my skylab, but i only make 200k a week out of that. Whenever I bid,someone outbids me. PLEASE HELP

  62. crunchtime, 07.07.2011 @ 23:45

    join a clan and get help and credits

  63. Darren, 25.07.2011 @ 23:05

    @crunch time
    I am already in a clan, and the leader is very cheap.

  64. LuKaR1o, 02.08.2011 @ 01:17

    I need advice how much shud i have shield and engines all of them are best in game bought by uri and i have 8 iris sow how many do i need shield and engines ?

  65. starfox, 12.08.2011 @ 19:14

    whats the more inportint shields r speed ive gor alot of sheild but im still geting one shotted inmy littel ship

  66. Cysterion, 21.08.2011 @ 07:48

    Hey, any noobs need a clan? I can give creds and help and have 2 years of experience. Join TBSR on the USA (East Coast) server. I am xXINSTINCTXx{CLDR} on there(My name won’t change, I really am the leader!)

  67. u_dont_need_to_know, 07.09.2011 @ 13:32

    does anyone want to join a clan, any company. global america 3

  68. u_dont_need_to_know, 07.09.2011 @ 13:33

    the name is” the reapers minions” i can give protection and creds

  69. king, 11.09.2011 @ 21:12

    i am 6 iris 3 flax venge mmo global erope 1 and need a clan

  70. apple2284, 15.10.2011 @ 18:03

    At the top it says it take 500 uri for repair? cant you use you creds again to buy it at hanger?
    apple2284 USA west

  71. apple2284, 15.10.2011 @ 18:05

    A P.S. dont mess with me i poped a Goli in a bb 3 times so dont mess with me

  72. Monte Letourneau, 21.10.2011 @ 06:51

    Spend that first 2000uri on an elite engine!
    Complete 3 quests at a time, make sure they each require different things.
    If you’re going to break out the cash, use it on your first couple Iris Drones! and/or elite engines and shields!
    Refine your load a few times before you return, especially refine all the Prometium you can.
    Stay close to the gates once you have a BO2 shield and a fast ship, esp. if you are driving a uri-cost ship.
    Always know where the nearest gate is and be ready to go through it if pursued.

    boxboxbox box box! Move box move box, kill everything! run away from enemy players whenever possible.
    Elite Speed! G3N 7900! BO2 shields only!

    Buy only the best equipment available with both credit and uri.
    If you can only afford cheap stuff, it won’t make a difference anyway.

    Invest ALL your uri first in elite engines, then shields.
    Invest in skylab whenever possible until everything is at least 5th lvl.
    Buy only typeI laser ammo, typeII rockets, & Eco.

    Top off your gun bays with MP1s asap. Then buy Flax drones and fill them too.

    Spend credits on all one time uri purchases, like rocket turbo and cargo bay expander, in Auctions, spend 1-3 million for most one time items when the # of players is lower.
    This includes ships and designs, buy these at auction for 1-20 million creds (Leo, Vengi, Goli).

    When you have all the extras you want, spend all spare credits on Iris at auction. Bid at least 70 million.

    Buy, and once you have one, equip ONLY BO2 shields!
    If you mix with others you degrade the 80% absorbtion rate.
    One BO2 is worth a goli full of weaker shields.
    It’s often plenty enough to find out if you have the faster ship (if you don’t it’s bye-bye time anyways).

    Do not spend uri on ammo or guns until you have a Goli and Iris drones full of elite equipment.
    Buy the best credit worthy guns and ammo only, until you have a Goli, or at least a Leo, and 7 drones, full of elite shields and engines.

    Buy the starter big boy bonus package with type II guns (this is the only time cheap uri-cost equipment is worth it – it will get you ahead much faster, best cash deal in the game, and the only time I buy any guns other than MP1s until I’m FE on engines and shields) DON’T REPAIR THE BIG BOY!!! it’s the shipful of guns u want (but do fill that cargo bay from your skylab a few times).

    The Big Boy is worth more to shoot down than it is worth to pilot.

    As soon as you can, join a clan.
    EIC – Bear & Oso Clans, Bears are often taxed 5%, Oso is anark, all members choose tax rate, don’t bother with BEAR unless you email us @ bearclaneic@gmail.com so we can discuss what you need; the sign-up bonus will always more than cover your application cost. See the ship speeds chart @ montesite.net/bear – anark political structures, power to the pilot!

    Not sure about multiple inactive bonuses since the daily bonus came out, but first timers still happen; if you play hard first, they can come quickly. They seem to be more likely and more frequent for well played accounts. It takes a week to a month or two for each offer, 5,000, 10,000, and 30,000uri.
    The 30,000 bonus is a one day offer, after that, u get nothing at all. We blew several of these b4 finding that out.

    Stay in the Phoenix is good advice, but it is over simple, the Phoenix is slow and had no cargo, once you get your Skylab going you want to have a cargo hold.
    Don’t move to a larger ship until your ship and drones are full of elite engines and shields, a player kill is rewarded according to the ship. Phoenix and Leo are not worth the effort, Big Boys and empty Golis are fat juicy targets!
    The Yamoto, Nostromo, Leo, and Vengi, are all great ships to stay in as long as you still have room for elite equipment!
    Especially the Leo!

    Don’t EVER repair a credit-cost ship, buy a new one, then you don’t have repair it.
    Don’t get a Leo till you have 20+ repair credits.

    As you build towards a Leo in your Phoenix, when you need room for more elite engines (or if you just feel you have the credit to spare), buy a Yamoto or a Nostromo, and use it like the pheonix, buy a new one when you die. Don’t buy the Leonov until you have at least 2 elite shields and 20 repair credits. The Yamoto, and when you have at least 2 elite shields, the Nostromo, get you to the Leo faster by having bigger cargos and faster speed.

    Or you can stay in the Nostromo or Big Boy a long time and just log in every hour+ to ship Promerium form your skylab and sell it until you build up enough credits for your next Iris or ship. This is often what I do once I have 5 engines, a couple BO2s, and 20+ repair credits and want to buy a Leo, or anytime before that that I need 1-3 million to bid on the next extra. If you just fill that Nostromo one time more often than you die in it, you can always afford a new one.

    Leo doesn’t seem a step up from Nostromo, but if you stay on the first 4 maps, a full elite Leo is a nut far too hard to crack to be worth the reward. If you’re sick of the first 4 maps, Nostromo can be a bit of a step up on the Leo, but unless you’re low on rep creds, dont, wait till you have lots of drones with elite shields and can fill a Vengi with engines instead.

    A Vengi with only a Nostromo FE equipment is almost as juicy a target as an empty Goli!

    Leo and Vengi are the ships to spend the most time in, buy them at auction for 1-10 mill.

    An alternate view holds the opposite, don’t run away – if you get jumped you’re toast.
    Buy only elite guns and drones, fill the biggest ship you can afford with MP1 guns, buy a lot of ships and repairs.
    Kill more, box less; fight back, don’t run; spend more reality cash on repairs, ammo, uri, and galaxy gates.

    Know these pages:

    3 quests at a time:


    lvl 1-12 in one day:



    Global America 3 – EIC – Bear Clan – MontDragonSeek – Yellow Vengi

  73. .Obi_Wan., 20.11.2011 @ 10:40

    I got a question and i didnt find a better section to ask it. Ho w can you register in the Dark orbit official forum. When i click the Register button it says that the admin disabled registrating…. Then i go to contacts to contact the admins and eventually find an answer why i cant register. But then it said that there is no way to contact the admins. And i got no clue what can i do. Thats why i write here for an advice. Thanks in advance!

  74. DO BIBLE, 20.11.2011 @ 10:58

    Obi_Wan: Can’t help you here – no way, no how – you should login into the game, press Help and ask for help from the official game support.

  75. .Obi_Wan., 21.11.2011 @ 11:04

    ok thanks for the answer

  76. =_MAИŦI§}۩{JΞЯЯ¥_=, 19.12.2011 @ 16:22

    hi, vengy is worth it but i would suggest when u make a acc log in until u get 10k uri and buy leo then hunt to80k for goli however if you like speed buy vengy with the golden lightning design then become FE. ur enemies will hide in fear as you enter ovo maps even FE golis will think it over before locking on to you

  77. Bryan, 13.03.2012 @ 05:40

    I bought a bigboy and im thinking of just creating a new account. Should I? Becuase I screwed up, I bought a bigboy and I spent all of my Uridium on a bunch of crap :P. I dont know if I should.

  78. someone who needs help, 19.03.2012 @ 00:11

    Should I quit darkorbit and create a new account? i bought a bigboy,blew all my money, and i have a stupid name. jk jk jk i love my name DABOMBDIGGIDY97. So should i get a new account

  79. Vic, 31.03.2012 @ 09:39

    Should i use a phoenix or liberator (currently using) to level up my drones?
    Also what should i spend my uridium on? (lf3 maybe)

  80. kevinz, 01.07.2012 @ 02:41

    whats the best way to get 50k uri for a pet? without spending money or doing surveys im level 8 with a kinda strong bigboy

  81. DarkDestroyer, 29.06.2013 @ 19:04

    If you buy 225,000 uri for 30 dollars on mega happy hour, and then buy like a 65 dollar, for 12,000 uri, will it triple your already owned 250,000?

  82. DarkDestroyer, 29.06.2013 @ 19:04

    6 dollar*

  83. Death, 19.10.2013 @ 05:28

    What should I get buy 80.000 uri with 20.00 usd or get the uridium premium that costs like 13.00 usd that gives same amount like the uridium payment but takes longer

  84. DO BIBLE, 19.10.2013 @ 09:41

    Death: Hi, Why not buy Uridium during Mega Happy Hour and get triple the amount?

  85. Death, 23.10.2013 @ 01:10

    Hmm you have a point haven’t thought about that before thanks :)

  86. SuperBee, 09.03.2014 @ 21:07

    Becoming FE is not hard anymore, there are clans that do nothing but give you Hundreds of millions of creds to get you FE for no other reason other than to help their company.
    its getting UFE thats hard now days, i have a few helpful tips for getting there though.
    1. fully upgrade you skylab. I make about 20mill creds a day just from my skylab, it helps out alot, and all you got to do is hop on DO for 1 minute to sell and send more prom.
    2. Pally or box (which ever you prefer) as much as you can handle (it gets very boring), building gates is the main key to earning uri fast.
    3. I recomend building and doing the zeta gate, it is very easy, and the rewards from it are very nice. use the uri from the zetas you o to get a pet.
    4. do more gates or easy quests worth alot of xp to get you pet to lvl 8 then buy lvl 3 auto-looter, or auto-resource collector for it this will more than double your income from boxing or pallying.
    5. use booty keys you get from zeta to get apis parts and other elite equipment (designs, lf4s, etc.)
    6. use uri to upgrade bo2s and iris drones, DO NOT UPGRADE LF3s!! wait to upgrade lasers, when you have a decent amount of lf4s and have a steady supply of uri income. shield is more important than damage, shieds allow you to get away easily.
    7. saveing and getting another hanger is very nice too, then when one hanger pops you do not have to rep it, you cn just switch to the other and bid on a new ship for the other. NEVER EVER WASTE URI TO REP SHIP!!! switch to a credit ship if you have to and bid on another elite ship.
    8. after you get enough havoc drone designs for at least 10 drones then it is best to do either kappa gate or epsilon gate, epsilon is easier to build but rewards are not as nice as kappas.

    I was FE a little more than a year ago, i now have 5 hangers, 34 lvl 16 lf4s, 54 havoc drone designs, 100+ lf3s, 60 lvl 16 bo2s, 8 lvl 16 iris, 1 lvl 16 apis, 1 lvl 16 zues, 11 Hercules drone designs and 42 pilot points. I have never spent a cent on this game, i also have never cheated either. all i did was spend 2 hours a day, 5 days a week doing what I listed above.
    (also logging periodically for a few minutes every day though to sell and send prom, but that dosent count)

  87. SPARTAN-117, 17.09.2014 @ 10:43

    wow this log is fromthe old darkorbit

  88. -=[Nibi34]=-, 20.08.2016 @ 14:00

    Someone Said old? Lol

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