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What is cloaking in DarkOrbit? (2)

16.03.2011 21:01

Cloaking, when activated, hides your ship from the main map. Your ship can still be seen in the mini-map.

If you see a red dot (an enemy) in the mini-map and fly to that place but don’t see a ship then you can click around in the large map and try to find the ship and attack it. You have to click around until you find it or it gets away.

If you cloak your ship then it stays cloaked even if you get attacked. Your ship becomes visible only when you engage in an attack.

There is a type of mine called EMP-Burst which can be used by other ships and it has a 50% probability of making a cloaked user visible, but only one of the cloaked users in the EMP-Burst’s visinity (so, it might not be your ship).

Cloaking is not cheap, but it’s fun. I use it mostly in enemy territory – you can fly deep into the enemy maps (X-3, X-2, X-1) and kill of weaker enemies by creeping up on them and after the attack going back into stealth mode by cloaking your ship.

If you’re cloaked NPC's that attack first won’t be able to see you either and thus won’t attack you.

You can cloak your ship using one of these cloaking devices: Cloaking CPU XL, Cloaking Device Type A or Cloaking CPU.

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  1. -ONE- (ldr), 13.04.2011 @ 17:57

    nice, there also good for stealing enemy bonus boxes b4 there cloakers can get them

  2. St3AltH, 26.08.2011 @ 21:24

    emp’s are a •••••(unkind word)

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