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What is SkyLab? (25)

26.04.2010 23:12

What is SkyLab?

It’s basically 3 things:

1) a place to produce ore that increases your shields by 60%;
2) a place where to produce Promerium, send it to the ship and make up to 3million credits every 6 hours (Goliath with 3,000 cargo bay and 1k Promerium sell price);
3) a storage for the most expensive ores – Promerium and Seprom.

Offtopic. I’m wondering why the Germans had to make up 3 ores that all start with P and sound very similar. Did they run out of other alphabet letters – it’s totally confusing. Basically Promerium is the most expensive one of all the P’s.

Good news is that to use SkyLab you don’t need Uridium at all.

Where to start

Start from the top. It’s actually pretty basic.

Some kid on weed has made a video. Get ready to be supper … slow:
Watch at youtube.com (not that helpful, unless you’re just starting to play the game)

In general

2 modules that you need to upgrade first and keep them ahead of all others: Basic module and Solar module.

Basic module – you can’t upgrade anything higher than this module’s level.
Solar – you need to have electricity!


When module is being upgraded, it does not collect/produce ore. Exception is Solar module, which will provide electricity even while being upgraded.


In first tree – collection modules you can use robots. They are valid for 48hours whether or not they are used. Afterwards they disappear. What’s the benefit? – not much, they just increase amount of collected ore.

There are 2 types of robots – Uridium and Credit robots – Uridium robots gives you more Bonus % (more collected ore).

Xeno module

All modules just collect or produce ore. Xeno module is different. As we all know to produce Promerium you need Xenomit (stuff you buy for Uridium or collect by killing boss NCPs). Well, – in SkyLab you don’t need Xenomit. Xeno module produces “Xenomit alternative”. That is all we need to know. Using this alternative we can produce Promerium.

Xeno module must have the same or higher level than Promerium module, for it to work.

That’s it.


Basically all this fuss is about just this single ore that they have introduced into the DarkOrbit.
As I see it, first of all Seprom replaces Promerium for shields. Seprom can not be applied to engines.

10 promerium = 1 seprom.


Lasers/Shields – 30% increase
Engines/Shields – 20% increase

Lasers/Shields – 60% increase
Shields – 40% increase

1 unit of ore = 10 lasers or 10 rockets.

1 unit of ore = 10 minutes


Transportation of ore from ship and to ship takes a long long time. (I suspect that for Premium accounts it takes half of the time shown).
It does not make sense to transport cheap ores, as it will take a lot of time. Just let the collectors run and good things will happen.

Transport can also be instant – just pay with Uridium.

To ship
When you start the transportation process your cargo bay must have place for the ores you recieve, but you will get them even if they will go over your cargo bay quota.

To SkyLab
It’s the opposite with SkyLab. If you don’t have space for the ore they will just throw it out when it arrives, so be careful.

Level Limits

Sky is the limit. or not. Maximums is Level 20.

How long it takes to produce/collect?

I have no idea at the moment. Obviously if you have a higher level for modules then it will take less time, but how much less exactly is unknown at the moment.

Power ballance

Power ballance in DarkOrbit once again has been changed.

A Goli in fight configuration can have up to 15+2*8=31 laser canons. So, to patch up 1 round of lasers you would need 31/10=3.1 Seproms, which is quite a lot, but can not be discounted if people start to have a sh*tload of Seprom. So, you could get hammered with X4 * 1,60%!
This is where Uridium comes in handy. To have a sh*tload of Seprom you could upgrade everything almost instantly for Uridium (you still need ore to upgrade) and have a lot of Seprom transported to your ship also immediately, for Uridium.

In a fight I would guess that all lasers will be at least patched up with Promerium, which gives X * 1.30% damage. Then there is classical 10% Damage Booster.

The thing is that there really never was enough Promerium to waste it on lasers, but now with SkyLab and instant/Uridium Transportation there just might be.

Update (30-jan-2011): For quite a while now I have SkyLab upgraded to the max and all lasers and rockets are patched with Seprom. Seprom can not be sold, so patching up things is the only use for it, and there is a lot of Seprom to go around when you have SkyLab upgraded.

Allways producing

If you have SkyLab upgraded to the max and you take out, say 1,000 Promerium, it will never get replenished, because the SkyLab is just “producing” Promerium into Seprom even thou it’s full. So to replenish Promerium (or whatever else) you have to stop (in this case) Seprom production. I guess they made it this way initially and never cared to fix it.

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  1. Emet, Paladin of Truth, 14.05.2010 @ 00:02

    Whoa there! you forgot Skylab’s most important function for a new/free player- producing expensive ore to sell! I make 350000 credits an hour- enough to buy a BB and then some!

  2. DO BIBLE, 14.05.2010 @ 04:41

    Emet: Sorry about that. My problem is how to spend credits, not how to make them :)

    So what ore do u sell? Doesn’t it take forever to Transport large amounts of ore to the ship? What’s your strategy there? What levels u have in your lab for the ore u sell?

  3. Sicktim, 16.05.2010 @ 00:41

    Emet is right. I’m a newbie and I’m using it to earn credits. Promerium sells for the most and the thing about Skylab is that the processes happen in real time. So whislt you’re offline it is still working. That said a transport of 100k of promerium takes 12 minutes to reach your ship and sells for 50100 credits so you can make 250500 an hour easily. or send large shipments whilst offline.

  4. InTheEyeOfChaos, 13.06.2010 @ 22:55

    The price of things is crazy now with this thing. I can pull in with this 5.1 MIL. per day. Now think of how many others are doing this also.

  5. DO BIBLE, 14.06.2010 @ 16:17

    Yeah, we could see credit price inflation in trade because of SkyLab.

    Thank god its not possible to sell Seprom :)

    By selling Promerium for 1kC/piece I could make 3million every 6 hours (time it takes to transport 3k to the ship). That’s 12mil a day, if you go to the game every 6 hours – sell and send a new batch to the ship.

    I don’t do that, because I don’t need credits that much, but its a free party for all going on there. I’m not sure it was such a good idea to introduce this limitless trade with Skylab. Maybe transportation time should have been setup to increase exponentially. 1 item – 1 second 10 items 100 seconds, etc.

    I remember spending an hour cloaked, steeling cargo from enemies to make 300k credits. :) those good old days :)

  6. caveman, 10.08.2010 @ 01:36

    I don’t get it, doesn’t the price of promerium sell less than the materials to make promerium?

  7. DO BIBLE, 10.08.2010 @ 01:44

    This is all about a thing called SkyLab. In there materials needed to make Promerium are “collected” automatically and therefore Promerium is made completely free.

    You need credits to build up levels in Skylab (leveling allows to collect and make other minerals faster) and after that everything is free and you can make up to 3million credits every 6 hours.

  8. caveman, 10.08.2010 @ 03:12

    dang, credits are gonna be worthless

  9. Cure, 12.08.2010 @ 18:40

    I am finding that average bid prices I am told from veteran players are nearly double the actual price it takes to win items in Trade Auction, and this is obviously due to so many players now having a maxed out Skylab, since it has been around for so long. Credits aren’t worth half what they used to be in Trade. Anyone with time on their hands can easily make 5m a day, or lots more if they spend all their day playing. What’s a two day wait for a new LF2? So, 10m for LF2’s or 20m for LF3’s? That’s double the old days, from what I hear. How can one afford to compete with other players if they don’t spend the month or two it takes to upgrade their Skylab or just pay real world cash for tons of Uridium, which a working man like me can not hope to budget for. I have only been playing Dark Orbit for two weeks, but I believe I will be quitting. It’s too far unbalanced for me to enjoy, and since I chose the weakest company, I can’t leave the x-1 map without 2-3 FE Goliath’s sitting around waiting on me or some hapless little newbie to fly by and give them a quick, easy kill. It’s quickly getting boring killing Streuners and maybe getting a bonus box once in a while. There’s thousands of better games out there, which is sad considering the potential this one has.

  10. Cesar, 17.09.2010 @ 15:21

    i have a goli i have 3000 of space on the goli i send 3000 in 6 hour while im in school and then when i arrive to house i sell it for 1 million 600 k i think is a good way to make money

  11. Capt.Awesome, 29.11.2010 @ 22:45

    i use this to make credits all the time. and yes the bid prices have doubled on most items and even tripled on rare things like a goli or the new designs that add firepower.

  12. orbit~knight#2, 01.01.2011 @ 12:21

    ok I did something dumb, I think? because I upgraded prometium and endurium collectors first. And now I can’t upgrade anything else. what can I do now? I’m level 8, just started playing darkorbit 4 days ago.

  13. DO BIBLE, 01.01.2011 @ 12:30

    If I remember correctly you just need to either wait for your ongoing upgrades finish or transport missing resources from your ship (get them first by killing NPCs or collecting) and start the next upgrade. Can’t do much wrong there. it’s pretty fool proof :)

  14. orbit~knight#2, 01.01.2011 @ 12:41

    I try to upgrade solar module or basic module, and a message says “Not enough Terbium” then I collect terbium, but still can’t upgrade anything, and where it says Terbium in yellow: terbium=0, so I’m lose

  15. DO BIBLE, 01.01.2011 @ 12:47

    You have to send Terbium to the SkyLab using Transport module

  16. orbit~knight#2, 01.01.2011 @ 12:51

    thanks DO BIBLE, I’m so dumb that coulnt see that,lol

  17. ARK-ANGEL, 28.03.2011 @ 16:06

    i have a fe goli and i am prem i have 4000 cargo space and it takes half the time to send promerium to my ship so i get 4 mill every 4 hours :) go marm clan gb1

  18. blast, 27.04.2011 @ 23:42

    Is the ore transfer speed to the ship faster with a larger cargo bay?

  19. DO BIBLE, 27.04.2011 @ 23:45

    blast: No. With a larger cargo-bay you can transfer more at once, but it takes proportionally longer.

  20. zax, 28.04.2011 @ 16:36

    what about when your seprom “storage” is full? then will promerium fill and so on down the pyrimid? the top bar looks like there are limits to what you can have there! also it would be nice if they made it so you could level up your “transport module” and speed-up the transfers ^_^

  21. ?831-B02, 28.04.2011 @ 16:58

    i agree with comment #9 its far too unballanced and it has amazing potential, dont tell me that you have always had 1500-490 on the us east(01) server… i have been on for 3 years more than long enough to know that is a lie. the pilot bio “boosters” and seprom make it completely unballanced, if seprom was remooved this would be a nice way to make money for new players. i also agree with zax on the upgrading the transport thing for faster movement. the “rsb” whatever lazer ammo “pld”,and plt3030″ rockets are like the emp is a pain in the backside (respectfully) without seprom unballancing the game the precision lockon thing would be unable to be madexenomit is buyable but not sellable, the lenov can take on a vinge in the first 4 maps sucessfully, which is bull#&!^ imo. the newer designs are as it was noted on arival an unfair advantage… in total darkorbit is giving real cash prises, TO THE HIGHEST SPENDERS!!! only people who bought uri ever seem to win bonus battles, not to pop your bubble but the only people who seem to be staying on d.o. for long times are in the clans, the still living ones. it is the responsibility of darkorbit in my opinion to take care of its players so they DO NOT go tho other games!

    oh and zax if your reading this, i think that when it reaches the limit that section shuts down, i dont see any way to manually turn off the seprom producer if that was what you were thinking.

  22. zax, 28.04.2011 @ 17:05

    o.k. umm has anyone hit the limit tho? i want confirmation, also whats with the rant d.o. haz its ups and downs true it needs more players but what are we supposed to do (recruit through youtube or facebook)? i have only been in dark orbit for two years but leaving is out of the question i need the $10,000 at the end of the rope., im only here right now to ask and have an confirmed answer!

  23. hurrdurr, 29.04.2011 @ 17:38

    Seprom production doesn’t stop when storage is full, it just keeps wasting Promerium.
    Good news is that you can shut Seprom production down manually.

  24. Ak234, 10.09.2013 @ 18:15

    So basically all I need to do to make alot of money (lots of mills) is build my skylab

  25. Poopoo, 23.12.2014 @ 01:57

    Whats the point in fully upgrading your skylab when you produce promerium faster than it takes to transfer ores without fully upgrading it?

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