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When is Mega Happy Hour and Upgrading Bonus Hour? (10)

11.03.2012 15:31

You can read general information about Happy Hour Events here. Happy Hour(HH) event notifications are still FREE and posted here as soon as they are detected.

As of March 11, 2012 all Mega Happy Hour (MHH) events are posted in a closed to the general public – open to membership Twitter account – @darkorbit_mega. Get your access today!

What’s so special about HH and MHH?

If you want to buy game currency – Uridium for real cash (and a lot of us do) then regardless of how you buy it (with SMS, Paypal or credit card) –
during Happy Hour – amount will be doubled
during Mega Happy Hour – amount will be tripled.


Buying stuff during Mega Happy hour events gives you 300% bang for the buck (If you spend 100$ you will get in-game goods for 300$!), people who appreciate this service and the savings are only happy to say Thank You in a form of a tiny payment.
Always say Thank you! Those are the most powerful words in the world! :)
Don’t feel cheap! Five euros is nothing compared to the savings. As you know – Universe gives you what you attract – lack attracts lack – feeling of wealth attracts wealth.

What you get as a member?

Lifetime membership. No advertisements. You will be a member of this group for the lifetime of this service, no additional fees or costs whatsoever!

Imagine – you are a part of an exclusive group of people. No one else in the universe provides this service at this moment, but darkorbitbible.com. If that’s not exclusive, nothing is! :)

Twitter (and other services) can send notifications about our tweets to your mobile phone too. (How to Receive Tweets with Your Cellphone)

How to become a member right now?

1) Pay no less than 5.00 EUR (FIVE EUROS) here (it won’t hurt to include your twitter account name in payment details):

2) Create a twitter account (it’s free) and click Follow button to follow this account: @darkorbit_mega.

3) Send an email to mega ATTT darkorbitbible.com. Include 1) your payment information – email, amount; 2) your twitter user account name.

Within a few hours you will get your access to the private account (@darkorbit_mega) where all Mega Happy Hour and the new Upgrading Bonus Hour (25%off all upgrades!) events are posted.

Short History

This service has been free and has successfully proved itself since January, 2010. For historic data – check out the (still free) twitter account @darkorbit_happy. If you feel that double the amount is enough (Happy Hours) and missing Mega Happy Hours and Upgrade Bonus Hours is acceptable then you can keep following our free account – @darkorbit_happy, otherwise become a @darkorbit_mega member now and give yourself a chance to get the notifications you need!

It’s a lovely day! Enjoy! :)

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  1. Elray, 06.01.2013 @ 00:03

    Ok I donated now what Lol

  2. DO BIBLE, 06.01.2013 @ 09:26

    @Elray now what? 8-) There is a process of 3 steps. I’m glad you managed to do at least 1 of them, almost :D If you would be so bad at following instruction in real life, you wouldn’t probably be alive anymore :)

    I assume @elraykennedy is your twitter account, I have granted it access, so you can now read @darkorbit_mega tweets. Now just wait for a new tweet, it’s Sunday today, so most probably there will be Mega Happy hour today. If u have questions – send me an email – it’s in the post!

    Happy hunting! :)

  3. Serg, 07.01.2013 @ 21:31

    darkorbit – Это мошенники, аннулировали аккаунты у игроков, только потому что те не заходили в игру несколько месяцев. А кто вернет вложенные в них деньги. Это типичный пример мошенничества. Предлагаю распространять данную информацию повсеместно, пусть шакалы подавятся. Вступайте в группу “МОШЕННИКИ в DarkOrbit” http://vk.com/club47932475
    darkorbit are swindlers, cancelled accounts at players, only because those didn’t come into game some months. And who will return the money invested in them. It is a typical example of fraud. I suggest to extend this information everywhere, let jackals will choke. Enter SWINDLERS in DarkOrbit group http://vk.com/club47932475

  4. Anthony, 19.01.2013 @ 16:06

    I was just posting this in response to Cepren’s earlier message. I’ve been away from DO for almost 1.5 years and just came back this past week. My account was still intact despite not playing or paying and 2 of my main servers (USA.3 East and GB1) still had ships and gear from when I took a break. My best answer would be to contact DO support if your accounts were terminated without cause or if they were hacked and terminated with cause then you usually get another account with all your previous gear. DO is pretty good about that sort of thing if its truly a case of hacking or inprobable cause!

  5. The_Inf3cted, 30.07.2014 @ 15:19

    Donated, sent mail with twitter name. Now waiting for access :)

  6. DO BIBLE, 30.07.2014 @ 17:10

    @The_Inf3cted: Ty. Email sent and access granted. Happy Hunting! :)

  7. Robert, 05.05.2016 @ 04:22

    Do you still give the service?

  8. DO BIBLE, 05.05.2016 @ 06:15

    Yes, in the other page on the blog you can see when the event was last detected under “Is it still active and working?”:

  9. George, 07.05.2016 @ 07:23

    I left my donation :)

  10. DO BIBLE, 08.05.2016 @ 07:09

    Check your mail! :)

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