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Where do you text cheat codes (2)

06.03.2011 22:28

don't be a jackass

Some people are searching this site for info were to text cheat codes. It’s like asking who I give my money to. LOL.

There are no cheat codes and definitely no codes to text. Read this. You might find an occasional loophole, but when discovered by BigPoint they will patch it and punish all accounts that have been using it. So, I would recommend focusing on your game instead and not on looking for cheat codes or whatever else.

The only thing you could try is a bot to collect those free bonus boxes (and get Uridium from them), but again, if you’ll get caught – you will pay the price. Your account might get deleted or valuable experience and honor points removed permanently.

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  1. morbitron, 14.04.2011 @ 08:38

    love the pic pretty much sayes it all

  2. joshua121990, 08.11.2013 @ 20:39

    it would be cool if you could use cheat codes and if you could it would be cool if there was one that gave you the venom design

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